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Nigeria can be categorized as a country where labor is cheap, with minimum wage fixed at a measly N18 000 ($50). However, one might get lucky after the rigors of the education system to get employed in a Federal Government agency or a private firm – these are the companies that pay well (far higher […]


When you are given an essay to write in school, and you know you didn’t do so good with the last one you wrote, there is always this urge to write better than your previous essay. That is how it was for me – until it got to a point where I kept on writing […]


It is the season where we bring you the soft side of the music industry. The ballers, the trend setters and the eye-candy, whatever we just feel like. In the meantime though, we have prepared for you the most handsome singers/song-writers in this part of the world. Now, we all know Nigeria is not only […]


What does it mean to ‘Rejuvenate’? Rejuvenation can be defined as a way of making someone or something feel or look better, younger, fresher, finer and revitalized. Rejuvenation can also refer to a process of restoring life to a particularly thing, or restoring it to a previous desired state of existence. Human hair weaves are […]

Latest Nigerian Bead Styles 2018

Nigeria is a very ethnically-diverse country. It has different kinds of cultural expressions and heritages that make it stand out as the most populous black country on earth. While we cannot categorically state that beadworks and bead artistry originated from Nigeria, we can however, say that they have a strong following in Nigeria. Many people […]

How To Maintain Your Skin Type

Skin is the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal. There are five main skin types that we have which are: Normal skin type Dry skin type Oily skin type Combination skin type Sensitive skin type Knowing more about the different types of skin will […]

Nigeria Data Plan: Best Deals

The world is a global village, and that’s largely due to the role the internet has played in advancing civilization in all parts of the world. Most political successes and failures have been influenced by the internet. Online campaigns are now nearly as effective as rallies and party gatherings. That’s how powerful the internet is! […]

Best Nollywood Movies 2018

Nollywood is the generic name for Nigeria’s film industry. It was dubbed from the popular ‘Hollywood’, which is the name for America’s movie industry. Nollywood has gained global recognition in recent times. Unlike before, when Nigerian movies were very predictable and dull of inspiration, the quality of Nollywood movies, these days, is not so far […]

How to Get A Job Abroad from Nigeria

The current state of the economy is biting hard on workers at all levels. Companies close faster than new ones are formed and many Nigerians resident outside the country choose to stay in their respective locations, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, rather than come home to join the suffering. There are different kinds […]

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