Wizkid and Davido: Who is The Richest?

The topic of who is richer between Nigeria’s two finest hip-hop youngsters, Wizkid and Davido is one of the hottest arguments among music fans in Nigeria and beyond. No doubt, both artistes have come a long way and have made a name for themselves in the Nigerian music industry. In fact, their enviable successes in the music art have been unmatched by most other past and present Nigerian musicians. And since they both still have age on their side, there seems to be no limit to how much they both stand to make from music.

Let’s face it, only Wizkid and Davido know exactly how much they both have in their individual bank accounts. So, any figures of how much each of them is worth would be a rough estimate, at best. But here, we’ll try to deduce their worth based on what we know of their endorsements, charges per show, and other factors worth considering as part of their net worth.

Wizkid net worth

He charges N5 million or more. He is presently on a N60 million per-year endorsement deal with Globacom. Before now, he used to be an MTN ambassador, a role that fetched him N45 million per annum from the telecom giant. In addition, Wizkid is still on a long-term mouth-watering deal with Pepsi. In fact, he is said to be the highest paid Pepsi ambassador as of present.

Aside endorsement deals, record sales, and shows, Wizkid also makes money from platforms like iTunes, Vevo, Spinlet and YouTube. He is presently worth about $10 million.

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Davido net worth

Although many believe that his journey to limelight was eased by his billionaire father, the truth remains that Davido has made a lot of money for himself since he started out as a musician. While Davido doesn’t have as much endorsement deals as Wizkid, he makes a fortune each time releases an album. And he earns 7-figures in Naira for every show he performs in.

Even if there are no concrete figures to prove his worth, Davido’s assets speak volume about his financial strength. His house, cars, wardrobe, and other possessions he flaunts on social media are all luxury products that only his likes can afford. He is said to be worth about $8 million.

Question: Wizkid and Davido, who is the richest?

Answer: Wizkid (Controversial)