Where is Phyno From?

“Where is Phyno from?” is one of the commonest questions asked by fans of Nigerian rap and hip-hop star, Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson, popularly known as Phyno. The sensational Igbo rapper who rose to stardom in 2012 with his first album No Guts No Glory, was born and raised in the city of Enugu, Enugu state, Nigeria.

Phyno had his formal primary and secondary education in Enugu and only moved to Lagos in 2010 to pursue his music career to the fullest. What made him unique is his flawless ability to rap in Igbo language (although he does combine Nigerian Pidgin and English languages as well). Ironically, Phyno wanted to become a pilot or a medical doctor, but fate had other — obviously better — plans for him.

In all, Phyno is from Enugu in South Eastern Nigeria.

Question: Where is Phyno from?

Answer: Enugu, Nigeria.

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