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What gender is Bobrisky? Bio, before and after, house, net worth and facts

Arguably one of the most controversial celebrities in Nigeria is this fellow called Bobrisky. Many know him to be a self-acclaimed cross-dresser, while others know him as a social media influencer. Everybody who comes across Bobrisky’s posts on social media always has at least one question to ask, and it is this: “who is this person?”


Borisky … Just follow me


If you want to know more about Bobrisky, you have come to the right place. This post will satisfy your curiosity. Here we delve into the fine details about his life. We discuss his biography, net worth, key facts about him, his house, and his life story. Scroll below to find out!


Bobrisky is a Nigerian internet celebrity. His real name is Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju. He was born in Lagos state in 1992. He hails from Ogun State, Nigeria. His secondary school education was at the prestigious Kings’ College, Lagos, while he also bagged a degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos.


I take out time to look after myself … Bobrisky!

Bobrisky has been aptly described as the ‘male barbie of Snapchat’ because he is ever active on the social media platform. He grew up with strong ‘girlish’ tendencies, such that even repeated beating from his mother and loved ones could not diffuse that aspect of his life. In an interview, he once confessed that at one time his mother sent thugs to beat him up, perhaps for his stubbornness and unnatural proclivities. He is not only a social media celebrity but also an entrepreneur. His foray into the world of entrepreneurship started when he began to buy and sell clothes to people. He made a good living out of this business due to his good sense of fashion and unique personality. His business strategy was to dress in unusual manners to pique the interest of people. He was also a good dancer and choreographer, and he made money from teaching people how to dance the latest dance steps.


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His feminine tendencies grew stronger as he grew older, and at some point, he began to wear ladies’ make-up and female attires, not just privately, but to public events. He did it so well that on some occasions men at such events would walk up to him to propose but he would turn them down. They had no idea that he was male, just like them!

Today, Bobrisky has undergone several changes to his life and personality. He now permanently dresses up as a female and even has someone he refers to as a ‘boyfriend.’ 


I am the one and only Bobrisky.

Bobrisky … I love my look. Do you?

Before and After:

Stories making the rounds state that he has undergone transgender surgery to change his gender from male to female, and that may indeed be true because recent sightings of him on social media indicate that he is indeed beginning to develop some physical features that are characteristic of only females. For instance, Bobrisky now has breasts. Whether they are artificially implanted or they are just pads on the chest, Bobrisky certainly has a chest that does not look like that of a normal male. Secondly, Bobrisky’s skin complexion is now almost as white as snow. The last person to have undergone such incredible skin transformation from black to white was the late pop legend, Michael Jackson. It is said that he bleached his skin as a way to promote his line of bleaching creams to his fans and followers. 

Early days … upcoming stylist!


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Gradual transformation … I am getting there …


Recent Photo. Spot the difference between then and now.


Current Bobrisky! See the transformation.

What gender is Bobrisky?

Bobrisky was born as a black boy named Idris; now, he is like a white woman with breasts and hips calling herself Bobrisky. It is therefore difficult to accurately classify Bobrisky’s gender now, given the kind of changes that he has undergone in the past couple of years. Some even refer to him as gay, given the fact that he regularly refers to a certain anonymous man on Snapchat as his ‘sponsor’ and ‘boyfriend.’ 


What’s my gender? do you know?


According to reports, Bobrisky lives in a 5-bedroom duplex in Lekki. He also has several flashy cars to his name.

Interior Look.

My bedroom.




Net worth:

His current net worth stands at an estimated 75 million naira.








Facts about Bobrisky:

  • Bobrisky was born into a Muslim family. Both his parents are Muslims, however, he chose to be a Christian.
  • Bobrisky is not married.
  • Bobrisky is a long-time admirer of Tonto Dike.
  • Bobrisky regularly hosts shows and Emcees high-profile events within and outside the country.



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