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Viral video of a lady spotted putting portions of meat in her purse at a party (video)

It’s not unusual for people to celebrate in Nigeria, particularly amongst the Yoruba culture. It is one thing most Nigerians look forward to. Also, it is one of the major reasons why Nigerians are known to be happy and fun people.


A laughable video which has gone viral on social media has inevitably left a negative impression following the awkward behaviour of a black lady who showed up at a party. She was spotted in a hilarious video putting some balls of meat in her purse. The geographical location and personal identity of the lady are unknown.



The amusing behaviour of the concerned lady brought about the curiosity of social media users and some other people who were present at the party. The video has gone viral, and a lot of people are seeking to know why she acted in that manner.


See odd video and social media comments below:




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