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Two Ways to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

One of the best WhatsApp features is to be able to delete sent messages. With the optiondelete for everyone”, you have the opportunity to erase and correct errors made while typing within seven minutes of sending the text message. However, deleted messages can be retrieved by the recipient just by fulfilling an important prerequisite and following some simple steps.


The prerequisite is that the incoming messages must have generated some notifications on your Android phone. It is from the notification log that the deleted messages can be retrieved. This simply means that the recipient had not kept the chat open or active at the time when the messages were delivered. After ensuring that this condition is fulfilled, there are two ways by which you can assess the notification log for deleted message recovery.



Firstly, you may choose to download and install a notification history application from the Google Play store. After installing, open the application, and as a way of setting up the necessary profiles, grant notification access, and “allownotification access for notification history from the dialogue box that pops up next, then finish. In this notification history, all texted messages missed calls, Facebook notifications, alerts, or any form of notifications including WhatsApp deleted messages can be seen or read specifying the time and date as well as the details of the sender. By just clicking on the WhatsApp icon in this log, all texts from WhatsApp can be easily accessed.


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The second way to go by is to generate the notification log manually. Long press on the home screen of the Android phone, select the Widgets icon and scroll down to settings widget in the pop-up list. Drag the settings widget on the home screen. A dropdown list of Multiple options will pop up and select a notification log from the list of options. Click to open the log, all the texts of WhatsApp can be seen, along with other details.


However, there are certain limitations associated with this stratagem that all users need to be aware of.

It is important to note that the notification log only keep messages for few hours after which the deleted messages are not retrievable.

When the message is still available, only, the first 100 characters of the message will be visible to read.

Only deleted text contents can be retrieved, media contents such as images, videos, audios or documents will be permanently deleted and not recoverable.

In order to view these messages, the user needs to be cautious not to run any cleaner on the home screen as this will mean permanent deletion of the texts.

Lastly, this tricky process works only on Android 6 device or higher. As for mobile phones with ‘pure’ Android, the settings widget is already added to the home screen, and you will get the notification registry from there.

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