Trending Ruffle Hand Sleeve Styles

Just when we were beginning to recover with the shockwaves triggered by the world-renown peplum gown and sleeves, in came the ruffles: unannounced, and with strong intentions to take over the industry. The interesting thing is that ruffles have been around for years. They have been right there, all along! There have been ruffle skirts, ruffle blouses, ruffle jackets, and now, ruffle sleeves. And the latter has indeed won over all the attention of fashion lovers in the industry.

One key characteristic of the fashion industry is that, there’s always something new to look out for. One subtle truth is this: in most cases, it is difficult (or even impossible) to predict what may become the next trendiest dress or style. In fact, many times, the dresses and styles are already there, but only just find new appreciation and application by fashion enthusiasts to become trending. That is exactly what happened with the ruffles.

One key lovable aspect about the ruffle hand sleeves is that asides being beautiful and classy, it speaks of innovation and ingenuity. It is also very versatile, and it complements a wide range of dress patterns and combinations.

Ruffle sleeves are loud, fun and attention-grabbing. Top trending ruffle hand sleeve types include:

1. Single-layered ruffle sleeve

The single layered ruffle sleeve is perhaps the simplest of the family of ruffle sleeves currently trending. The ruffle can begin at the elbow region of the dress, at the shoulder, or at the wrist, depending on the customer’s preferences. The length and orientation is also flexible, offering customers mutiple options. Some prefer to have short and trim from the elbow downwards, while some prefer the big and bogus types. Either ways, the single layered ruffle sleeve is one sure way to make an informed statement of your intentions to have all eyes on you everywhere you go.

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2. Double/Multiple-layered ruffle sleeve

Now this gets a bit more interesting and complicated. While the single-layered ruffle sleeve might be ideal for some, it might be boring for others – among which are people who would find the multi-layered ruffle sleeves attractive and suitable for their fashion cravings.

3. Ruffle sleeve top

This is a stylish top (preferably made of chiffon fabric) that exudes all shades of class and elegance. The soft fabric coupled with the nice ruffles on both sleeves emphasizes your feminism, while making you look fabulous and sophisticated.

This particular outfit is best complemented with black pant trousers and nice heels to match.

4. Ruffle off-shoulder sleeve

Think about an average off-shoulder top or gown. What do the sleeves look like? Plain long, short, or none at all. Well, the ruffle off-shoulder sleeve is essentially a ruffle sleeve attached to an off-shoulder gown or top. The ruffles typically start at the top of the fabric where the off-shoulder rests on the arm, and flows down in single, double or multilayered ruffles down to the end. It’s a really interesting piece to look at, and is suitable for casual occasions and meetups.


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