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Trending Illusion Net Owambe Outfit 2019

There has been a rise of fabrics creating optical illusions. These arent some high-tech, grade one, US Marine bio-suits: they are normal dresses, made by normal fashion designers, having extraordinary features.

Every now and then, fashion enthusiasts are treated to the latest trends and outfits in the fashion industry. This is fuelled by the high intensity of the competition between fashion designers, both males and females, who vie for relevance in the field.

2019 has been a year of several trends. From the ruffle hand sleeves, to the fringe, to the beautiful red gown, to the ladies’ Abaya outfit, several attires have been released and grown in popularity, thanks in part to fashionistas. As the year 2019 gradually nears its end, there seems to be no end in sight for the evolution cycle of fashion. The latest one now is called ‘Illusion’.

Imagine wearing an outfit that adds an invisible quality to your appearance; that is part of what this ‘illusion’ net outfit entails. A number of celebrities have been spotted recently putting on illusion outfits, and the results have been amazing! First, a certain Hollywood actress wore an illusion gown to an award ceremony somewhere in the United States, and the pattern and fabric of her outfit made her appear more curvy than she really was. Now we’re not talking about the dress being padded at the hip region or at the back; it was a plain dress, but with designs that created an optical illusion of her appearance, adding several characteristics that she originally did not possess. If this sounds ridiculous to you, well, there is more! Another individual was spotted wearing an illusion attire that made it look like the cloth she wore was moving in one direction, while she herself walked in a different direction!

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What exactly, is this new thing in town? This is the question on everyone’s lips.

Well, the illusion dress is a special type of fabric that is either worn independently, or over other dresses. As the name implies, the unique nature of the fabric is such that, in the presence of certain atmospheric conditions and motion by the individual wearing it, it can appear to make certain independent movements or changes, which come across as optical illusions. People around those who wear illusion dresses will almost swear that at some point, they either saw the dress move, or change colour, or do some extraordinary thing; meanwhile, the person wearing it is clueless of the ‘trouble’ they are putting other people through.

In some cases, these Illusion fabrics are also referred to as Lightweight Layers. This is how they are fitted: the designer lays plain pieces over another opaque one. Pieces that are typically used include; nets, chiffon material, and the likes. Interestingly, there is no rule of thumb that dictates the manner, size and orientation of each illusion fabric that is added. Your desires, skill, and fashion sense dictate it for you.

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