Top Trendy Ankara Fashion Styles

The world of fashion is constantly evolving. New styles and designs are released regularly and the competition for relevance among fashion designers in the industry is at an all-time high. Despite the increasing preference for lace fabric and Gini brocade (and senator material, for the men), Ankara remains a potent force to reckon with in the world of fashion. They are light, often very beautiful with amazing patterns and outlines, and they are also quite easy to maintain.

So far, this year has witnessed scores of new fashion trends coming in and dominating the fashion industry at different times. We are also set to witness the influx of new trends, alongside the more recent ones, in the days and weeks to come. Expect fashion to notch up a bit!

This post highlights the top trendy Ankara fashion styles that are currently in vogue. If you need some Ankara inspiration for your next event, or you just want something different, unique and trendy, this post is for you.

Here goes:

Ankara Gowns

The new wave of ankara dresses features gowns of varying lengths and outlines, as well as different styles to choose from. The different colours and patterns of the ankara fabric offers customers a wide variety of options to choose from, and the myriad of styles available today help ensure that the eventual end-product suits your taste. You can therefore make yourself a short ankara gown, or a long one, or one with a cape. Whichever style you choose this period; you simply cannot go wrong in an Ankara gown.

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Peplum blouse with Pants or Skirt

Here’s another huge one. Are you looking for an ankara-based outfit that perfectly matches tradition with smartness and elegance? If yes, then the ankara peplum blouse and skirt is for you. The skirt and blouse can be made from the same ankara fabric and/or pattern, or a different one, depending on your preference. You can (and should, please) also get trendy with the blouse design. Do not have your blouse looking like an old suit! You could go for a nice open-back blouse, long sleeved blouse, or even a straight blouse. Finish the move with a nice pencil skirt, or a pair of jeans/pant trousers, with a pair of stiletto heels. When you look in the mirror, you’d like what you see!


Off-shoulder blouse

Ladies, please note this: whether you like it or not, off-shoulder is here to stay. Period.

When you step into the party, rocking your off-shoulder ankara blouse on pants and heels/sneakers, you can expect all the eyes to go turning in your direction.

Ankara Jacket

So far, this has been nothing short of a revelation. Just when people thought that the use of Ankara fabric was restricted to traditional attires, then came the Ankara Jackets, and even the Ankara blazers. Arguably the most popular ankara jacket style is the bomber jacket. It is fitting, smart and classy. Definitely a ‘must-have’ for every fashion-conscious female.

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