Top latest Ankara style for guys and men 2020

Have you ever attended an event in Nigeria or anywhere in Africa and marvelled at the beautiful Ankara designs and dresses worn by the men? In fact, in many cases, we often fall in love with some outfits we see that we try to walk up to those wearing them to either ask about their outfit or take a photograph with them.

The year 2019 was a great year for fashion designers and enthusiasts. Several new designs were produced for both young and old alike, and the best styles trended throughout the year. Fashion industry projections indicate that many trending styles and designs will continue to dominate the industry in 2020, and lovers of the latest styles must take note of the trends to stay fashionable. Here are the top latest Ankara styles for guys and men in 2020.


Ankara Bomber Jackets:

Ankara Bomber Jacket – Green, Blue & Orange Geometric print

Ankara Bomber Jacket – Blue & Yellow Geometric Prints.


Classy and comfortable outfits are suitable for a wide range of occasions. An Ankara bomber jacket is very similar to the average stylish sweater with a trademark zipper in the front. In 2019, it was very popular among females due to its versatility and the comfort it offers. The bomber jacket is particularly great for cold weather environments, as it offers warmth and covering from the effects of the cold.

Ankara Casual Suit/Blazer Jacket:


Ankara Men’s Blazer Jacket – Grey & Blue Circle with Concentric Print


Ankara Blazer Jacket – Black & Green Batik Print


Ankara Blazer Jacket – Orange & Green Floral Print

One of the reasons why Ankara is one of the most-loved fabrics today is its versatility and adaptability to many dress designs. In the past, suits were designed with only a specific type of material, aptly called ‘suit material’ by some textile manufacturers and marketers. However, over time, fashion designers began trying to make them using other fabrics and one of those which has stood out is the Ankara. Ankara suit looks every bit of class and innovation. It can be worn with a trouser of the same Ankara fabric, as well as with other clothes like shirts, trousers and shoes.

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Ankara T-shirts:

Ankara Short Sleeved T-Shirt-Yellow & Black.


Ankara Short Sleeved Shirt-Teal & Orange.


Much more than ever before, the demand for comfortable dresses is increasing. People now prefer going for clothing items that are comfortable and convenient without robbing them of class. This is exactly what the Ankara t-shirts offer and for this reason, they are becoming increasingly common among young guys. The number of buttons and other features of normal t-shirts can be tweaked to fit the individual customer’s desires.
This was one of the most popular male designs of the last 2019. Even though it is not necessarily a new style, the old dashiki model was rebranded and remade for it to reflect more contemporary elements, all in a bid to make it more appealing to men. These days, Dashiki is worn by both young and old and can be styled to suit men of all shapes, sizes and complexion tones.

This list of the top latest Ankara styles for men is by no means exhaustive. Stay tuned to this page for more trending styles in the coming months.

See photos of other fashionable Ankara prints for young and exciting couples:


Fashionable Ankara for couples.


A brilliant style for your special day.


A unique & trendy Ankara design.


An elegant and modern way to style your Ankara.

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