Top, Best and Trending Outfit Images in 2020

Yes, it’s 2020 – a new year, the beginning of a new decade, it’s all new so it all makes sense to dive into a new fashion sense. I know we all want to attain great heights this year, wine and dine amongst classy people with classy lifestyle, but do remember that your outfit is a major determinant of the set of people you get to roll with. Like it is popularly said that “the way you dress, determines the way you will be addressed”. So what better way can you improve on the way you are addressed other than to step out of your home adorned with one of the best trending outfits this year! You agree with me, don’t you? Besides being concerned with the way you want to be addressed, there is also a feeling of satisfaction, sense of belonging, self-respect as well as self-admiration that one feels when dressed up in the latest fads.

It is important to know that the word “outfit” does not only talk about the clothes you wear, but a set of clothing combined with matching accessories (purse, footwear and your head tie). Outfits vary in relation to events, places and time. In other words, every event has its own suitable outfit. And yes, knowing the right outfit to wear to the right place at the right time is what fashion is all about so that you won’t end up feeling embarrassed like me some years ago.

What? See their faces…., So eager to hear my sad story. Ok, l will just brief you the summary. On my fiancé’s birthday – December 26, 2013. I wore an official outfit to the beach. You cannot begin to imagine how embarrassing it was for me that day when hundreds of people started staring at my outfit. You know what? I was happy about one thing “that I forgot to add a tie to the outfit!”. Don’t laugh, please…..

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It’s a wrap! Welcome back to March 2020. So we were talking about giving you some top best trending outlook that will glamorously adorn your beauty on every occasion. You know you do not need to work in the fashion industry or be a fashion designer to get informed about these trending fashions. Watching television entertainment shows, fashion shows or checking out social media for top celebrities outfit could help. But more importantly, we are always here to assist you. Our priority is to bring you the best of what you need at the comfort of your home. So just relax, take a glass of chilled juice in this hot summer and enjoy as we take a tour into the world of fashion.

You agree with me that fashion often changes. The clothes we wear with the combined accessories vary with season and are mostly inspired by what the celebrities (male or female) wear (locally and internationally). Thus, this article is a full fashion package delivering the trendiest fabrics, styles as well as the accessorial items to satisfy your fashion needs.

Let us start with the local attires and accessories. As you know, adoring the native style reinforces cultural pride.





In the past years, this attire has been trending in the African fashion industry. It comes in different colours and shapes of fabrics. Professional fashion designers create different amazing cuts and styles with fabrics. The trousers made out if the often referred to as pencil trouser which suits any kind shapes and heights. Shirt designs from this fabric take varying forms; some can have embroidery tailored around the chest (vertical or horizontal), some can just be fashioned with buttons down the chest area, while some may have an inner chest pocket, pockets attached to some may be visible. The shirts also come in varying length; we can cut a long length reaching the knee (kaftan), or a short length, just coming below the buttocks, but not reaching the knee. Also, the cutting of the sleeve varies according to your taste (short and long sleeve), the long sleeve usually having cufflinks.

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African men like women also display a great level of fabulous styles with Ankara prints. This year, enjoy the trending Ankara cuts on shirts, polo, sweatshirts etc. Also, there are great Ankara jackets that will be trending fashion industry this year. It is important to note that, the usually Ankara trouser and shirts will still be available well combined with covered shoes of your choice.



The new styles for this attire will be more like that of Senator attire. So just watch out for whichever interests you.





The trending lace outfit for events, dinner parties, weddings and so on makes its way into the fashion industry around September 2019. Sending in skirts and bloused, long and short straight slit (slit reaching the knee from below) gown makes way up and gradually becoming the mainstream fashion in 2020. We also have pleated slit gown trending the industry this year. You may want a skew shoulder, off shoulder or neck reaching dresses, we got you covered the amazing beginning of a new decade. I love those outfits!




For Ankara lovers, we’ve got an amazing mouth-watering trending style for all your occasions, for family shots, couple shots as well as casual and official Ankara styles. Just check the amazing selection of Ankara styles above. No need to talk too much now, the selection says it all.





Correct! silk fabrics are really trending materials that come in different colours to craft out sophisticated styles for your evening get together, candlelight dinner, engagement ceremony…..just name it! Follow these trends and remember to combine it with matching heels or lace footwears as the case may be as well as that glittering clutch purse, I bet that your crush won’t get his eyes off you. You can also mix these colourful materials to your Ankara to give a lovely pattern.

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Now let us rock on some of the latest Western official outfit, enough of African outlook. But really there isn’t too much to buttress on in western official outfit except for the fact that the outlook is no longer regular pencil skirts and shirt for women and trousers and shirts for men. Men are now designing their latest native fabrics to suit official settings. The same thing applies to our fashion women.

Wow! It is a long road, isn’t? I know there are still a few outfit trends we did not get to but for the sake of our time, let’s rest here for a while. Thank you for your time!

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