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Top Aso Ebi Fringe Styles To Show Your Tailor


Nobody saw it coming. Fashion enthusiasts and analysts did not see it coming. They failed to predict hat Fringe will not only permeate the fashion industry, but would also dominate it win a short time.
Interestingly, there is nothing new about Fringe. It has always been present in the world, but it never succeeded at becoming a household name – until now. Today, statistics show that five in ten young ladies either have at least one dress with fringe style, or strongly desire to have one. Other statistical data reveal that ladies are beginning to remodel their old skirts and gowns, just so that it may incorporate fringe.
The beautiful thing about Fringe is that it is applicable for a wide range or attires and fabrics, and it is also very flexible. It adds an element of beauty and panache to any dress, making the individual wearing it looks all shades of amazing at any event. It can be styled long or short, horizontally, vertically or even diagonally, depending on the individual preferences of people.






For those who are unfamiliar with fashion terminology, the term ‘Fringe’ refers to the strand-like accessory seen on the dresses of most ladies these days. Remember the thin strands of fabric or leather you saw attached to the dress of the lady next door? Remember you were curious about it. You wondered what it was made of. Yes, that’s Fringe!
It is important to note that fringe is not a fabric or an attire in itself, but only an accessory. However, it has the power to add life to any dull and drab outfit, and can transform an otherwise ordinary attire into an excellent work of art. The best part of this is that it can be made using a wide range of fabrics; so the tailor can decide whether to use already-made leather fringe or braid, or to make the fringe from the same fabric as the attire being made. Whichever way, you’re fully covered.
Below are listed the top aso ebi fringe styles that you must show your tailor!

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#1. Poncho gowns

By themselves, poncho gowns are a beauty to behold! Poncho gowns are typically enclosed at the hems with fringe, or across the bust. Poncho gowns essentially emphasize the feminine figure and features; which is arguably what every woman wants.

#2. Long fringe gowns

Everybody loves a long gown, for obvious reasons: one, they make one look elegant, sexy and appealing, and they also accentuate one’s features. However, coupled with a fringe, you’re sure to be the attention-grabber at any event you walk into. The fringe can be attached in a wide variety of positions on the gown. Based on your preferences, you could have it at the hem of the gown, or across the upper body like a sash, or on the tip of the arms, or even along the waist line. Furthermore, you could have multiple fringe attachments, as long as they are combined creatively.

For emphasis’ sake, Latino style gowns and Chicago style gowns are other top styles to show your tailor, provided they have the requisite dexterity to make your desired style.

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