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Top 15 Handsome Musicians in Nigeria

It is the season where we bring you the soft side of the music industry. The ballers, the trend setters and the eye-candy, whatever we just feel like. In the meantime though, we have prepared for you the most handsome singers/song-writers in this part of the world. Now, we all know Nigeria is not only blessed with music talent on the continent but also good-looking ones too. Whatever type you think of, tall, dark and handsome or fair-skinned and muscular, a distinguished set of naija male artistes have a fair dose of these qualities, and in the right amount.

Without much further ado; ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most handsome musicians in Nigeria.


Yes, this is the guy! The slay queen slayer himself. I am very sure it is highly rewarding to look as good as this guy. I know that because, I do look as good as this guy. On a serious note, Flavour is in the eyes of many Nigerians, the hottest male singer in Nigeria today. Just take a look at his well-toned body, and those biceps, then you will know what I am talking about here. Little wonder his baby mamas are both ex beauty queens. Flavour totally deserves a spot in my list of most handsome musicians in Nigeria.

Kiss Daniel

Vado has been able to captivate nigerian music lovers with his good looks, killer voice and his style in general. I am sure a lot of fans will agree that he is one of the cutest gentleman in the country. Ever since he burst into the music scene, Kiss Daniel have proven his lyrical dexterity and flexibility over and over again and it has all of us here at the site predicting a great future in the music industry for him. And please, no one should make mention of G-worldwide anymore, they were basically stifling him. Now that he’s on his own label movement, be rest assured that you will hear a lot of hot tunes, hot collabos and hot news coming from this guy, trust me.


The star boy is not just arguably the most talented and decorated artiste alive in the music industry today but he is also one of the finest musicians in the game. I remember when he came out with that “holla at ur boy” video, and the stress I had to go through in keeping my girlfriend away from him. Just kidding tho. But literally, dude is fine. Some fans might complain that his love for the herb is making him look skinny and all that, but when it comes to owning the room and looking good, starboy surely knows how to.

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The self proclaimed “Mr Ladies man” is undoubtably amongst the top 5 most handsome musicians in Nigeria. The “jollof muzik” artiste has been away from the music scene for some time now but one place you can surely find him, is on posts relating to good looks in the entertainment scene such as this. Lynxx was born on November 24, 1983 in Bendel state, now Edo and Delta states. He attended the University of Hull where he got his degree in Business and Marketing. Lynxx has been in the music industry since 2009 when he released his debut single “change ur parade” under Syndic8 records.


First of all, Dbanj has to be on the list. He is one of the most charismatic and swagalicious entertainers in Africa. He is also a very handsome guy. And lastly, we would like to offer condolences to the kokomaster on the death of his son. It is a very tragic thing to lose a loved one in such a manner. But the guy is strong, I am sure he will be back in good spirits in no time.


This man from Akwa Ibom, he is cute mbok. One thing I like about Iyanya, apart from the fact that he has the charisma to get any actress he seriously wants, is that he has a well chiseled body which he loves to sample a lot. Of course, who wouldn’t want to advertise such good looks at every given chance? It was from those sampling that he got the chance to cure Yvonne Nelson from whatever ailment she was suffering from at that time. You know what I mean. Well, Iyanya, along with Flavour, both have arguably the best bodies in the industry.


Did someone just say take time?! Did I hear correctly? Oh! you mean tek time…Pardon my french. Tekno is not only a cute guy, he also promises that he has a big cassava. We can only hope that he is talking about a cassava farm somewhere. Let me not spoil you guys hehehe. Sometimes, it is good to have a small body. No too much fat to burn, no talks of watching your weight, or being on a diet. Everything just falls into place naturally. And for someone like Tekno with the way his skin shines and his good looks, I am sure he must be tired of girls sliding into his DM with naked pictures all oiled-up. On a second thought, maybe not.

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Dice Ailes

This should come as a surprise to no one. When you are in the presence of Dice, you will appreciate him for his looks. He has to be on the list.

Peter Okoye

I just have to add one of the P-Square brothers on the list, don’t I? Peter is like the finest in the two. I said it, oya come and beat me in my house. He just knows how to dress better and I like him for that. But ever since P-Square broke up, I just haven’t been feeling these boys any longer. I don’t know why, maybe its because I am a twin too or maybe it’s because they are not putting out those smash hits anymore like when they were together. Anyway, they are doing well individually and I wish the best for them.



Praiz is simply a good looking guy. Some may want to argue about his music talents but that is a topic for another day. And with those facial beards and masculine body, he surely deseves a place on the list of most handsome musicians in Nigeria.

Banky W

Another veteran with the good looks. Banky W surely is no stranger to attention and even stalkers. Recently, it was in the news that some girls were stalking and tailing him while he was driving in his old model Range Rover. So low right? Anyway, Banky has this classy look and a cool demeanor to match. And, although he is completely out of the market now, he still deserves a place on the list.

2 baba

Even though he has already crossed the 40 years threshold, Innocent Idibia is still one of the most good looking guys in the music industry. There are a lot of qualities to describe this musical genius. Till this moment, he is still one of the realest out there. There is no doubt he has left his mark on the music game and his name will reign for long after he has gone. Although, I was left disappointed when he cancelled the 2017 nationwide protests against the FG which was very much gaining traction at the time. Some people say his life was threatened, but we will never know what went down behind closed doors. It doesn’t in anyway change the fact that 2 baba is an inspiration, a phenomenon, a legend in the music game.

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There is something about this guy that is just so refreshingly unique. It is his ability to stay relevant in the music industry after all these years, by adapting to whatever sound that is trending at a particular period. The eberipapa 1 of Bayelsa has been holding it down in the music industry all this while and it has come with fame and fortune. It has also molded him to become a confident and good looking young man in his prime. Timaya is surely one of those artistes who will survive the test of time and will be among the gems of our generation as far as the music industry is concerned.


OBO is simply the baddest. When he came into the music industry, I for one didn’t imagine he was going to last this long, but he keeps churning hits after hits and has shown no signs of slowing down since then. He also knows how to stay in the news for all the reasons, don’t he? Just recently he got a Porsche car for his girlfriend, Chioma and it drew reactions from a lot of personalities. Most recently though, it’s the private jet which he says will soon land (don’t wait!) The truth of the matter is that I don’t even know what I don’t like about this guy and I don’t wanna know. The DMW boss is handsome well well too with a cute dimple to match.

Ice Prince

Ice Prince Zamani is the rapper with the goatee. Once upon a time, the best rapper in naija. I used to think we finally had the talent to compete with SA rappers when the chocboiz came into town with banging, mind-altering tunes from M.I, Ice and Jesse Jagz. But somewhere along the line, they had other plans. And when Ice got involved with Maima, and the whole cheating scandal that followed, it put a dent on his image as the bad guy we all thought he was. But anyway, Ice is cute and he has been working on his body lately, so he got a nod to be on the list.

There you go guys; I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions of who should or should not be on the list, let us know in the comment section.






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