Tips On How You Can Grow Your Natural Hair

The average Nigerian woman is more conscious of the state of her hair than many other parts of her body. This is evidenced by the fact that many women spend varying amounts of money to cater for their hair. Nigerian hair (and in many other parts of Africa) is characteristically prone to dryness and quite curly. The long hair of Western women appeals greatly to many Nigerian women – given that they spend record amounts of money on human hair attachments.

However, one must consider the following: would the trend be different if Nigerian women knew how to grow their natural hair to their desired length?

Now this sounds ridiculous to many, but its factually true: it is very possible for a Nigerian woman to grow her natural hair! Below are a few tips to help Nigerian women grow their natural hair over a period of time.

#Tip 1:   Understand the Anatomy of Your Hair

The first step in growing your hair is to understand the structure and anatomy of your hair. For Nigerian women, the hair is curly and gets dried easily, largely due to the fact that the oils in the roots of the hair are unable to make their way up and lubricate the individual hair strands; which is further made difficult by the twisted nature of each hair strand. So basically the hair is dry because the oils in the hair root cannot find their way up each strand, due to the nature of the strand. This phenomenon makes the hair dry and brittle, which increases its susceptibility to breakage. Use your hair oils often, while you could also supplement it with a balanced diet and other hair growth supplements.

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#Tip 2:   Get Your Hair Braided As Often As You Can

When you braid your natural hair often, what you are indirectly doing is reducing the exposure of your hair to harsh environmental conditions. This alone helps to mitigate the risk of breakage, and also allows your hair to grow naturally.

#Tip 3:   Wash Your Hair Regularly (At Last Once Weekly):

There are several schools of thought as to how often one should wash the hair; but understanding the effects of hair-washing on the hair will help you decide on which opinion to follow. When you wash your hair, you restore the moisture content, which makes it healthier. It is particularly important for Nigerian women to wash their hair at least once every week, since their hair types are characteristically prone to dryness. Now this is not a call to always apply shampoo and hair conditioner every now and then; using only water can do the job if you decide to wash as often as daily.


These three tips are only a few of many to help you grow your hair over time. Hair growth greatly depends on the health of your hair, and these three tips will help you to maintain the healthy state that allows for natural hair growth.



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