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Tips on how to Grow your Instagram Followers


With more than one billion active users, Instagram is currently one of the world’s top social media platforms. Its engagement levels are among the highest ever recorded among known social media applications, and it has become increasingly helpful for driving marketing and sales targets.



Statistics show that eight in ten users Instagram follow at least one business account; and as such, having an active presence on Instagram is one of the best things that you can do for your business or brand. From the comfort of your comfort zone you can reach anyone on your contact list on Instagram in record time, and you can also spread word about who you are and what you do to a global audience.

There are lots of advantages that having an Instagram account offers users, but users with more followers benefit more from the platform. So whether you aim to grow the number of your business customers, or you want to engage with your target audience more, or you simply want more followers for the fun of it, growing your Instagram followers is a great thing to do. Talk about enhanced brand visibility, increased social media influence, and access to more networks and opportunities for advancement, more followers could easily translate to increased popularity and more profit!


However, Instagram does not ‘grant’ followers to users on demand. Each individual user must work hard and smart to increase their number of followers up to a desired point. There are various means of growing your Instagram following, some of which are more effective than others. For your best benefit, we have outlined the best and most effective tips for growing your followers naturally legally and speedily. Please note that these tips have worked for many in times past, and their tendency to work for you depends greatly on your ability to understand them and apply the principles correctly.

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So, here goes:

#Tip 1:  Make posts regularly

According to a 2017 study by popular marketing tool ‘Tailwind’ on 100,000 Instagram accounts that recorded the highest increases in followers, it was discovered that the exponential rise in followers on each of those accounts was due to a few factors, one of which is the frequency of posting. They concluded that the more frequent you post stuff on your profile, the more you get ‘likes’ and ‘followings’. They further opined that those who put up posts at least twice a day, every day of the week were more likely to get more followers and engagements than those who posted less often.

Practically, look at how often you’ve been making posts. You may need to make more posts, not a multitude but at least more than before. You’d surely record an increase in followers over time.

#Tip 2:   Engage your followers

As far as growing your followers’ base on Instagram (and indeed all over social media) is concerned, ‘Engagement’ is one of the rules of engagement. The more engagement your posts have, the more it will be displayed in the feed on other profiles and pages. When you have many engagements, your post could be among those featured among the top posts; which almost always culminates in more followers.

Achieving optimum engagement is very practicable. One way to engage your followers is to respond promptly to their comments or likes on your posts. If they took the effort to go through your post and then leave a comment or impression, you should reciprocate by responding appropriately. Such gestures open up vistas for deeper engagement and interaction with our target audience.

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#Tip 3:   Running promotional packages and giveaways.

If you run a business and you are looking to grow your followership on Instagram, one sure way to do so is by running a promotional package. It’s simple, fast and easy. Firstly, decide on which of your products you want to set as the prize for the contest (it must be something that fascinates the majority of your target audience). Afterwards, put out a set of simple tasks for people to accomplish in order to qualify for your prize. Now here’s where the increase in followers happens: your task might be for them to follow your page, repost your posts and tag their friends to do same. If your prize is exciting enough, you should experience multitudes scrambling to accomplish your tasks. The more they do, the more your followers increase. You could go from hundreds to several thousands in a short period by doing this.

The same principle applies to giveaways. Let people accomplish a set of tasks (which must include following your page and reposting certain posts) and set a standard for declaring the winner.

#Tip 4: Use quality hashtags and location tags

Hashtags are very important on Instagram. Whatever you do, hashtags and location tags have the potential to expose your posts to a wide audience. You can easily reach your target audience by putting a specific hashtag on your posts.

Statistically studies have shown that Instagram posts having hashtags and a location tag record the highest possible engagement levels, as opposed to what is obtainable when users post without the tags. On Instagram, you can post up to thirty different hashtags, though studies also reveal that you only need as many as nine hashtags for optimum engagement.

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#Tip 5:   Making sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are basically posts that are ‘boosted’ by the Instagram system to make them reach a wider audience. Instagram users – particularly business owners, politicians and religious organizations – typically make use of sponsored posts to get their information across to a wider range of people in record time.

Think of the most fascinating description of your business or self. Make it into a post and spread on Instagram via any of the sponsored advert plans. You’re sure to experience an exponential increase in engagements and eventual followers in record time. It is important to note that sponsored posts are not free, but there are flexible payment options available to suit whatever budget you may be operating on.

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