Three people alleged dead as Yoruba’s and Hausa’s fight in Osun state

A fierce fight between Yoruba and Hausa youths has resulted in three people dead in Osun state. While the matter that brought about the calamity was unknown, the terrific battle got out of hand, which invariably led to possible damage to private properties and valuables. Contrary to the three casualties the communities accounted for, the commissioner of police for Osun state, said that only one fellow died during the incident.


Remarkable scenes from the local streets as armed thugs typically went to revenge.

Remarkable scenes from the local streets as armed thugs typically went to revenge.

Olaide Agboola, who resides in Igila community, said occupants of Igila witnessed some local people entering the neighbouring village, Iyere at the middle of the night due to the fight. In his comprehensive statement, he mentioned that an unidentified Fulani and Hausa men were fighting and an indigene of Iyere town who happens to own a store nearby acted as a peacemaker to resolve the matter. Regrettably, the mediator who invariably happens to be a reasonable Yoruba man was killed. Following the death of the peacemaker, the Yoruba indigenous present at the location instantly took laws into their hands and killed two innocent unidentified Hausa youths. The crisis lasted all night. Market and roadside stalls were distrusted.
The police command ordered the policemen to calm the situation and also, soldiers were sent to the scene.

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