Stylish Ways to Rock Your Turban

So we’re at that time of the year when many of us have become busier at our career and financial goals, and as a result we have systematically become less inclined to the wearing elaborate dresses and accessories. We’re all busy and occupied, and we need something that is versatile and eco-friendly to add to our closet.

For men, choices are abundant. For the women, likewise. One major fashion element that has won the hearts of many young ladies and elderly women is the Turban. The use of the turban is attributed to the Sikh traditional people, who adopted is as a symbol of their faith, pretty much the same wear many Muslims wear hijabs as a symbol of their religion. Years down the line, many more people of non-Sikh inclinations began to develop keen interest in the turban, and before long it became accepted in the fashion world as one of the average woman’s options for a head gear. It grew in relevance as it offered many women a chance to look great without making elaborate preparations on their hair. Once its colour complements the other clothes the woman has on, it matters less the state of her hair; she just glows beautifully.

Statistics reveal that every woman has at least two turbans in her closet, while some have as many as five, six or more! Talk about usability!

This post explores the most stylish ways to rock your turban. It is important to know this because, achieving a gorgeous look from your turban is a function of two key things: One, knowing the right turban to pick for which occasion and each colour combination; two, more importantly, knowing how to wrap it on your head to bring out the best in your look. The fact that it is very versatile does not mean it can be worn anyhow!

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Top stylish ways:


As the name implies, the full wrap is a style whereby you wrap your entire hair/head with the turban, in whatever shape or outline that you desire. This is ideal for people who: want something conservative yet classy; those who have rumpled hair or have not made their hair; those who would be having a busy day and would want to do without the interference of their hair, and many more instances. This style also greatly complements slim ladies, as it gives the head a unique shape to complement the body structure. This style is more preferred for official and corporate settings.

Wrap with the hair loose

This is the direct opposite of the full wrap style. Here, you wrap the turban around the head while leaving an opening for your hair at the back. You could also let some strands of braids of hair drop along the sides. If you have a great new hairdo, this style gives you the freedom to flaunt it while retaining the coolness and elegance offered you by the turban.

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