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Stunning Pictures of Aso Ebi Ladies

The manner in which people prepare and execute their aso ebi plans is amazing. In fact, one would wonder how well the country would develop, if the level of planning and budgeting that is put into aso ebi matters for occasions is channelled into national development.

Well, that is a matter for another day!

If you need hints and possibly pictures of the latest trending aso ebi styles for ladies, you can thank us after reading this post. Here you have not less than 30 different descriptions of aso ebi ladies to help guide your choices. Read on!


  1. Purple lace gown with Silver embroidery

This off-shoulder gown is a beautiful masterpiece. The silver embroidery properly accentuates the deep purple colour. Must-have for fair-skinned people.

  1. Royal blue lace gown with Silver Gele

Like its purple cousin, the royal blue lace gown perfectly complements people who are light in complexion. However, the short sleeves add another unique dimension.

  1. Purple ankara gown

This is another must-have for fashionistas. The offshoulder is covered with a gray-coloured net, while the V-back adds some spice to the look.

  1. Blue ankara half-shoulder gown with onion accessories

Whenever you combine half-shoulder style with a long gown, the outcome is always classic. That is exactly what you have here.

  1. Deep-blue lace and yellow ankara patterned gown

You need a skilled designer for this one. The yellow ankara material is integrated into the lace design, giving it a beautiful outline and appearance.

  1. Blue and yellow flowery gown with off-shoulder and blue gele
  2. Mint green patterned gown with red accessories (gele, bracelet, neckpiece and shoes)
  3. Black, off-shoulder gown, with gold flowery designs and blue gele
  4. Black flowing gown, shortsleeved, with black, glittery accessories. Best for fair-skinned people.
  5. Navy blue, off-shoulder, flowing gown, with ox-blood gele and clutch bag
  6. Red/green flowing gown with gold accessories
  7. Short, purple sleeveless gown with lilac gele and embroidery
  8. Red ankara low-neck gown, with gold accessories
  9. Red flowing gown with silver gele or turban and accessories
  10. Bright yellow patterned ankara gown with red clutch bag, shoes and gele
  11. Red and white patterned gown with red beads
  12. Sea green gown with mint green embroidery and gele/turban
  13. Long, blue gown with silver embroidery, blue turban and net
  14. Purple, long gown with gold/yellow patterns and cross-back straps
  15. Golden-yellow and brown patterned lace gown with matching gele
  16. Long, white flowing gown (for brides). Red gowns, yellow neckpieces and white geles for bridesmaids
  17. Yellow, off-shoulder gown with silver accessories
  18. Long, purple gown, half-shoulder, with tomato-red gele and accessories
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Író and Búbá

  1. Grey Iro and buba

Who says grey is a dull colour? Rock your grey iro and buba with silver or black gele for that classic look.

  1. Deep-blue, longsleeve, peplum blouse with long skirt

This is simple yet sophisticated. Best complemented with a red or wine gele.

  1. Blue and white patterned ankara short-sleeve Iro and Buba

Red accessories do the trick for perfect complementation.

  1. Black Iro and silver buba decked with rhinestones
  2. Blue Iro, yellow buba with stiletto heels and royal blue accessories
  3. Black and white striped short gown with black gele or turban
  4. Powder blue iro and buba with burnt orange gele and silver accessories

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