Stunning Naija Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

A prewedding photoshoot is one of the most important things that intending couples plan and budget for in the days and weeks leading up to their wedding. A photoshoot should ideally be a depiction of the love between the two individuals, and an indication to all who care to note that both parties are contented with each other and can live happily ever after in each other’s company.

When deciding about a pre-wedding photoshoot, what are the factors to consider? It is important to highlight these because we have seen hilarious photoshoots in recent times, looking like movie scenes from the 1980s. For instance, one couple recently visited a garden for a photoshoot. The man climbed and stationed himself in one of the trees, looking down at the wife-to-be on the ground, who also maintained gaze, while the photographer happily took his shots. Poor concept, poor everything! When you see such photoshoots, you’re most likely to ask the question, “what’s really going on here?”, than to feel happy for the individuals who do not even appear to be in love.

Here are the most creative ideas that you should put into consideration when planning for a prewedding photoshoot.

Overall concept

What is your concept? What do you want to tell your audience? Your concept defines a whole lot about your photoshoot, and is often the difference between quality photoshoots and poor ones. The concept defines the setting, the background, the costumes, lightings, and angles of photographs. When you see a prewedding picture, you should be able to tell the concept without anyone describing it to you. Which is why it is not advisable to just hire any photographer to come and take your pre-wedding pictures!

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Some prewedding photoshoot pictures today are better suited for magazine covers or TV ads than for love stories. The difference lies in the concept.

Underwater, ‘In-the-rain, romantic picnic or dinner settings are other concepts you can explore to bring your love story to life.


Get out of the normal surroundings and explore more adventurous options that are available to you. Studio shots are great, but something more adventurous will be better. How about taking a picture with your partner beside a still lake, or a waterfall, or on a bridge in some seemingly lonely location? The last thing you want is a photobomber! Besides, you can never go wrong with nature shots! You could also have shots in different locations, rather than having several styles to one location.


As earlier established, a nature park, waterfall, beach, yacht, coast, and etc. are examples of great locations for a prewedding photoshoot.


For emphasis’ sake, it is not compulsory for the intending couple to wear the same clothes; even though this is not bad either. When both individuals are of different skin tones, allow them to put on nice clothes that complement their complexion, and give them poses that suggest love and desire; not overly erotic, but romantic!

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