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Stunning Bridal Make-Up Transformational Videos To Watch

 The earliest mention of make-up was in the mid-17th century in England, where members of the royal family would dress up for royal events with powdered faces and lipstick for beauty enhancement. At that time, the use of make-up elements was regarded as a thing for royalty, and normal people had little or no inclination for it. However, over time, the use of make-up began to evolve, and has now grown beyond social, moral and geographical boundaries. There are make-up artists and artistry shops in practically every country on earth, and several young people are beginning to take up make-up artistry as a way of life and career path. In Nigeria, at least one in six persons is either a makeup artist, or aspires to be a makeup artist, or is closely related to someone who is a makeup artist.

These days, bridal makeup is one of the most critical aspects of wedding preparations, especially in Nigeria. All brides want to look as beautiful as humanly possible on their weddings, so they hire makeup artists to ensure that they step out in their wedding gowns looking all shades of amazing.

On one hand, makeup artistry came in handy for beauty enhancement purposes. However, currently, the use of makeup has evolved into total facial transformation. Dark-complexioned individuals can now temporarily take on lighter skin tones, all thanks to the transformational power and ingenuity of makeup artists and their makeup kits. In some cases – especially wedding ceremonies in South-western Nigeria, the bridal makeup transformation is so profound, that it takes a fairly long period of time for people who know the bride to process her look and features, before they can recognize her for who she really is.

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Beyond just temporarily altering skin tones, makeup is also used to conceal blemishes in individuals. In the past, brides had to worry about keeping their faces free from blemishes as they count the days down to their wedding day; but all that is no longer necessary, as today, makeup components like concealer, foundation and the likes have the power to conceal all kinds of blemishes, leaving the bride’s face looking fresh, smooth, and radiant.

For these reasons, the use of makeup has been likened to a scam, because it hides the natural features of the individual and puts out an image of perfection for others to see. In the past, certain individuals have had relationship and marital problems due to the fact that the groom’s attraction to the bride was based on the image he saw after she had undergone transformational makeup. So he was attracted to her makeup beauty, while her natural beauty was nothing to write home about.

On the other hand, the power of makeup has also been likened to the power of magic. In an instant, a dull and ordinary look can be transformed into a beautiful work of art by a skilled makeup artist. There are many incredible videos online that attest to the transformational power of makeup, especially when dealing with brides and celebrities.



















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