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Stunning Aso-Ebi Monotone Series

The name Aso ebí could be translated to mean ‘costume’, or a ‘general attire’. It originated from the yorubas in south-western Nigeria, who would purchase large quantities of uniform fabrics for ceremonies. The goal was to ensure that all the members of the celebrating group, family or faction would dress identically for easy identification and solidarity. However, today, almost all tribes in Nigeria have adopted the use of Aso ebí for their special events.

Without gainsaying, perhaps the most impressive Aso ebí styles ever to be seen have consisted of two or more colours. However, there’s a new breed of Aso ebís in town. They are the monotone Aso ebí series. Even though they are single-coloured, their appearance and style is equally breath-taking, and they offer a viable alternative for individuals who are scared about colour combinations, or who are altogether tired of the norm and in search for something different and unique.

Fashion designers have also begun to explore how to make the best attires using single colours, while offering maximum value to their clients. Here are the most stunning Aso ebí monotone series currently trending.

#1. Marsala or Wine-coloured Aso ebí

Marsala emerged as the undisputed Pantone colour of 2015, and its popularity and demand has been on the increase since then. This colour is rich, beautiful and inspiring. Light-complexioned people in particular look very beautiful and attractive in any attire made of this colour, as it properly complements their skin tone. However, it is also very applicable for other skin tones, and for a wide range of purposes.

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The most fascinating aspect of this Aso ebí brand is that it looks just perfect, whether or not it is combined with any other colour. Little wonder, several Nigerian entertainment icons and celebrities have developed a liking for the colour. For instance, popular Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi has been spotted at several events wearing a monotone Marsala-themed dress alongside her friends.

You really cannot go wrong with the Marsala/Wine Red coloured Aso ebí.

#2. Red coloured Aso ebí

Just like the Marsala, Red Aso ebí is a beauty to behold. It is a classic choice that only the brave can dare to put on. Furthermore, it is valid for all occasions and for all seasons, and can be worn by both males and females. It is great when worn plainly, as only a few jewellery and accessories would do; and it is also good when combined with other complementary colours like white, ash, etc.

#3. Green coloured Aso ebí (Mint, Teal, Sea Green, Turquoise)

The above-listed shades of green are great and soft colours, designed to add warmth to any occasion. They are like the cool air and warmth that is available during spring; and they are great with all kinds of fabrics. Whether you combine one or more shades, or you go monotone, you’re sure to look perfect.

There are several great monotone Aso ebí styles available for you to choose from for your special occasion. These presented here are very unique, but so are others like White, Black, and even colours like Yellow and Purple!  Captured below are some stunnng monotone aso ebi pictures for your viewing.

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