Stunning Ankara Jacket Styles To Rock This Season

Perhaps the most significant impact of innovation in the Nigerian fashion industry is seen in the expanded application of local fabrics. In the past, Ankara fabric was used solely for traditional wears (both male and female), and all of creation was content with that dispensation. People were happy to just continue using their Ankara for Iro and Buba, Wrappers, Gowns, Buba and Sokoto (for the males), and etcetera. However, today, the story is not the same. The use of Ankara has gone beyond the previous boundaries set in the minds of people by the pro-stereotypic, anti-innovative fashion advocates and ancestors.

When Ankara was first used to make Jackets and Blazers, many thought it was just one individual trying to be creative; however, one individual’s idea has nearly become the norm today. Ankara Jackets have become the talk of the town! Furthermore, they now come in different styles and sizes, increasing their appeal and applicableness. They are also very versatile, affordable, and easy to maintain, presenting Jacket-lovers with viable alternatives to their traditional corporate jackets.

Ankara Jackets have been used by individuals in the corporate world, religious spheres, and others involved in various day-to-day activities. The top jacket styles to rock this season are numerous, and your eventual choice is determined by your fashion inclinations.

The most incredible Jacket styles are listed below:

  • Bomber Jacket: This is one of the most popular Ankara Jacket styles in demand today. In fact, it ranks among the most searched words today among fashion items on popular search engines like An Ankara bomber jacket can transform your outfit from ‘plain’ to ‘extraordinary’. Perhaps its greatest strength is in complementing other wears. Wear your Ankara Jacket on a pair of skinny jeans/leggings and sneakers or flats for an elegant casual appearance. The unique colour and pattern of the fabric brings out the beauty in your appearance, drawing attention away from other clothing items that may not look right; e.g the shoe or trousers. Only ensure that the colour and pattern of the jacket complements other items.
  • Ankara Cape Jacket: A number of fashion designers shy away from making the Cape Jacket due to the intricacies involved in making the design of the cape. Truthfully, this particular jacket is very unique and requires a certain degree of skill. Nonetheless, once it is done, it adds so much beauty and elegance to your appearance. Think about it as an improvised Kimono, which you can match with a wide variety of attires. It also comes in different styles; you can have some fasteners to it, or a waist belt, or you could just let fly and inform the world of your presence!
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These are only two of the most popular Ankara jacket styles. There are also traditional double-breasted Ankara jackets, two- and three-piece Ankara jackets, Ankara peplum jackets, and etcetera. Beyond Jackets, there are also Ankara neck ties and bow ties, as well pocket fillers.

From all indications, one thing is certain: Ankara is here to dominate Below are some fab ankara jacket styles you can rock this season..










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