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Hausa Inspirational Bridal Makeup Look | 2019 Photos

 The Hausa/Fulani people have rich cultural heritage dating back several centuries. Fulanis in particular are dominant around Western Africa, and they are also found in many parts of Central and North Africa. A vast majority of Fulanis are Nomads, and that defines a lot about their culture and practices. Every aspect of their existence is influenced by their culture – marriage practices, attires, ceremonies, and etcetera.

Weddings among the Hausas and Fulanis are a beauty to behold. Their marriage ceremonies are known for their beautiful cultural displays and their ancient practices, reflecting the depth of their understanding about the marriage institution. The focus of the day is usually on the bride: asides her eye-popping beauty and apparel on display, the wedding ceremony is regarded as a passage rite into womanhood for young ladies.

The Hausa/Fulani bride is essentially a fine work of art. In the days leading up to her wedding, she goes through various preparatory exercises. On the D-day, when she emerges from her closet, she looks every bit like a masterpiece, finely crafted and handwoven to reflect pure beauty. Perfection is the major theme of her attire and outlook, and every aspect of her appearance is unique. Little wonder, even non-Hausas/Fulanis are beginning to incorporate peculiar Hausa/Fulani traditional wears and bridal outfits into their preparations. Many people take Fulani/Hausa-themed pre-wedding shoots these days, which serves to underscore how amazing their attire combinations are, and how rich ad beautiful their culture is.

In times past, whenever the matter of bridal glamour and inspirational looks among Nigerian brides came up, all the attention fell on Yoruba and Edo tribes in particular, for their rich cultures and beautiful wedding attires. However, now, the Hausa/Fulanis are slowly catching up. Typical traditional Hausa/Fulani brides would most likely don a beautiful white-coloured two-piece dress with brightly-coloured accessories. She’d also have on, headbands, nice bangles and earrings (often made from traditional beads), alongside choice jewellery – typically gold or silver. To cap it up, her hair is usually braided by the finest hair stylists, giving her a classic Royal appearance. As she emerges from the shadows, it often appears as if time gets suspended, and men literally hold their breath to catch a glimpse of her beauty.

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Modernization has had its effects on them, too. If their often single-coloured attires are not appealing enough, they have even begun incorporating elements from other cultures into their dressing. 21st century Fulani/Hausa brides are beginning to wear Gele, Aso oke and even Ileke, like Yoruba brides would. And when they do, they don’t look any less beautiful!

One fascinating aspect of the Fulani bride’s appearance is the Henna, or Lalle design that decorates mostly her hands and feet. The Henna is an important part of the Fulani/Hausa culture, and designs vary according to the age and status of the female. However, the most beautiful and inspirational designs are seen on their brides. While normal people could don single coloured Hennas at random, brides often use a combination of colours on their wedding day; most times, to complement their skin complexion and colour of dress.

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