Special Schools in Nigeria: The Full List

special schools in nigeria

Some children have special needs due to their individual differences and they need to learn in an environment that provides facilities adapted to meet these needs.

In this case, the teaching procedure, the equipment and materials used have to be designed to help their education and training. This isn’t the same with the typical classroom education which hasn’t been properly equipped to support the needs of these special children.

In choosing the appropriate school for any child with special needs, it is important you evaluate the educational facilities provided by special needs schools.

special schools in nigeria

There are many of such schools in Nigeria and we’ve put together a comprehensive list below.

Modupe Cole Memorial Childcare and Treatment Home

This special school was established in 1960 as a non government organization. However, it was taken over by the government in 1979 and became a school and a treatment centre.

It is located in Akoka, Lagos state and it is home to children of special needs as from 8 years. These include those with autism, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

Modupe Cole provides both day and boarding facilities

The Sage School

The Sage School is located in Maitama in Abuja. This school is committed to giving quality, engaging and wholesome education to children including those special needs.

They offer crèche, nursery, and after school services. Their curriculum infuses both the British and American systems

Centre for Children with Special Needs

CCSN is basically a learning and resource centre for children with special needs. It is located on Abuja and supports children with cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties and other related learning disabilities.

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Generally, CSSN provides quality service of high international standards to these children.

Additionally, they create awareness and promote the cause of those children with special needs. They also provide educational and recreational requirement for these special children.

They also serve as advisor to organisations such as the Local and Federal governments; voluntary organizations, health authorities and mainstream schools

Pacific Hall Special School

This school is focused on children with dyslexia, autism, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment and physical disabilities. It is located in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Pacific Hall was the one of the first schools to provide quality education to special needs children that come from low income families.

Open Doors Special Educational Centre

ODSEC is committed to providing quality educational and vocational services to children and individuals with special needs. They also provide therapy in the form of speech, language and physiotherapy to these special learners.

They offer a primary education for children with cerebral palsy. They have instructors that have been trained both within and outside the country which further validates them as a centre providing quality education.

This school has a faith-based origin and its Christian values are clearly seen in their service delivery.

Patrick Speech and Languages Centre

PSLC is a centre that focuses on creating a centre for those children with autism. They are also known to create awareness on this disorder.

PSCL provides specialized education to these children and support their families.


This centre doesn’t directly offer educational services however they network the special child and their families with healthcare professionals and educators.

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They also nurture and equip those who provide care for individuals with cerebral palsy in order to foster quality care provision to these special people.

C.A.D.E.T. Academy

Located in Abuja, C.A.D.E.T Academy which stands for comprehensive autism and related disabilities education and training is a research and evidence based special needs education and learning program that doesn’t just serve those in its environment but the global community.

They work in partnership with special needs centre such as the Sage school and Benola.

The Zamarr Institute

The concept of the Zamarr Institute was born in 1991 to promote excellence in educational and training opportunities for children with special needs; however, the organization itself didn’t take off properly until 2006.

They provide awareness on the fact that every child has a need that suits them based on their individual differences and this institute includes various types of classroom in its training facility. Some of these include the group classrooms and the sensor rooms

Alderstown School for the Deaf              

Alderstown is based in Warri, Delta State and caters for children with hearing and speech difficulties. They offer primary school education for children between ages of 4 – 12.

Final words

Irrespective of their individual needs, every child deserve not just an education but quality education and this list provide enough options for anyone look for a good school for children with special needs.


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