Slay Queen: What Does It Really Mean?

slay queen

Slay Queen: What Does It Really Mean?

With the latest trend on social media, many of you might have wondered at one time or the other about who a slay queen REALLY is. A Slay Queen is supposedly a woman who possesses beauty, brains, and power. What she says, does, and wears should inspire you, hitting all the right notes.

slay queen

A slay queen should be a role model, a motivation, and a source of inspiration to other females.  You love what you see her doing and wearing, and you are a sucker for her words. She’s basically what you’d term the real-life Wonder-Woman. That’s who a slay queen SHOULD be. Sadly, that’s not who a slay queen presently is.

She’s a woman who dresses well, and is usually attractive (you have to see her without makeup to be the real judge of that!), and has a jelly or butter for a brain.  She has the newest clothes, shoes and bags, accessories and jewellery; but most times is not gainfully employed.

She can confidently tell you what Kim Kardashian wore yesterday, what lip balm Kylie Jenner was wearing, and of course; trust her to tell you the latest Aso ebi trend and how to have cheekbones as high as Olumo Rock, but she will be seriously distressed if you ask her if she has a fallopian tube (she’d think it’s a disease!), and tell you that she bought all of Stephen Keshi’s albums.

Trust her to be aggressively active on social media- especially Instagram- and she tries to convince her followers that she’s living the life she says she’s living. But those who know her personally will confidently tell you that NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! She portrays on Instagram is real. Today’s slay queen boasts of material possessions, but you can never have an intellectual conversation with her. It’s like asking pigs to fly.

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Her biggest goal in life is to grow her Instagram followers, while child comedian Emmanuella is busy making more money. Typically, she’s famous for being famous. She never fails to use hashtags, and tags all of her pictures with #AsoebiBella, and he had rather starve than miss an opportunity to show her newest shoes or her latest bikini wear.

She is more interested in showing that she has money rather than in actually having money. For her, being a slay queen is a profession and does not understand that Instagram followers aren’t a currency. She totally depends on the men in her life to make her Instagram life a reality. She thinks of herself as a celebrity, although she has no reason or substance to be celebrated. However, you can’t fault her for thinking that way; with men leering over her sexy pictures and poses, who can blame her?

The present slay queens live for social media. In fact, without social media, slay queens have no purpose. Since social media is all about attention, they like to seek attention in every possible way. Oh! Lest we forget, slay queens shorten every word I caption. They don’t have the time to go through the trouble of figuring out if it has to be “I’m or “Am”.

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