Short Aso-ebi Styles for Owambe

For fashionistas and fashion designers, owambes are one of the best places to be on weekends. The reason for this assertion is not far-fetched: the best and the latest aso-ebi designs are always on display, and people get to learn more about the trendiest designs and fabrics. For a long time, many people making aso ebi dresses for owambes have stuck to the conservative, long flowing gowns with ‘religious‘ slit. However, now, as we mbrace more and more of the western culture, that element of conservativeness is gradually being eroded. People are now bolder and more daring with their choice of clothing and dressing patterns. Just attend any high-profile owambe close to you, and you’d surely find dress styles that probably didn’t exist few years ago, or were considered as extreme or even bad!




Short aso-ebi styles are the latest in town. As we transition from African conservativeness towards more freedom, short dresses lead the way for fashion enthusiasts and designers to follow. Below are listed some of the trendiest short aso-ebi styles, specifically for owambe lovers.





Simple Short Gown with Wrap Skirt

The short gown with wrap skirt style is not only casual and classy, but also quite sophisticated. It embodies the true essence of feminity, and if you are a lady who likes to show off your assets, then this style is a good option for you. The wrap skirt can be sewn with the gown or separately, depending on your choice and the ability of your designer. There is also the long gown variant, but the short version is every inch delectable.

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Short Danshiki Gown

When you hear the name danshiki, what comes to mind? A danshiki in a gown? Well, not far from that. The short danshiki gown is basically a normal short gown, but with danshiki-like sleeves. That is, rather than have the normal short or fitted sleeves like normal gowns would, its sleeves with be exactly like those of the danshiki that men wear. It is an exciting combination of style and flamboyance, and is a great option for an evening owambe party or a casual night out.

Short off-shoulder gown

Here’s the ladies‘ favourite again – the off-shoulder. If you are not moved by public opinion and you are driven by the desire to either flaunt your ‘assets‘ or be free and comfortable, then the off-shoulder gown is for you. Liaise with your designer to get the desired lengths and degrees for aligning the off-shoulder, while you keep the length of the gown comfortably above knee-level. Complete the look with a pair of heels, or sneakers, and a broad-rimmed hat, and you’re good to go!

Short gown with front slit

Beauty is within, quite alright; but there’s a lot of it that is also on the outside. If you are one of those that likes to steal all the attention at events, then this could be for you. The gown itself is a normal fitted gown, short in length, with a daring slit in front that attracts attention.

If you have fine legs and a great shape, then why not?




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