Seminary Schools in Nigeria: The Best 5

seminary schools in nigeria

Do you have a deep conviction to serve as a pastor or minister of God and you think you need somewhere you can be adequately trained?

There are several steps to be taken in fulfilling this desire; however, one of the important places for proper training is in the seminary.

There are many seminaries in Nigeria that are involved training ministers of the gospel and we’ve decided to compile a list of these schools which are spread across the different parts of country.

Best seminary schools in Nigeria

seminary schools in nigeria

West Africa Theological Seminary

WATS is located in Lagos and accredited by the Association of Christian Theological Education in Africa. It is non denominational seminary and was founded in April 1989.

Over 1000 pastors have graduated from this school, with over 2000 ministers trained in this duration. The students and alumni of WATS are from diverse multicultural origins which comprises of over 30 states in Nigeria and over 10 Africa countries

It is one of the fastest growing seminaries in Nigeria. They offer 2 Bachelors degree, 5 Masters Degree and 1 PhD. These include courses in Divinity, Bible Studies, Christian Leadership, Intercultural Studies, Theology and Religion.

Their vision is to make the kingdom of God known to every people group in the world resulting in them being redeemed, reconciled and made complete in Christ

Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary

Located in Ogbomoso, the NBTS is one of the oldest in the country starting as far back as 1898. NBTS offers diploma, bachelors and post graduate degrees and the vision of this seminary is to become a world class seminary that is pivotal in transforming the society.

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Candidates for admission must be at least 22 years of age and must be recommended by their local church. The academic requirements depend on the course the candidate is applying to. However, prospective student must undertake an entrance examination as well as a personal interview. After which they may admitted depending on how well they performed.

Their courses offered by NBTS often place an emphasis on church music education particularly African church music.

They also have a junior college for younger children called the Smith International Baptist Academy which offers general education but are spiritually inclined to instill moral and spiritual values in the students.


Crowther Graduate Theological Seminary

This seminary was established Abeokuta in Ogun State in 2009 and is named after the first African Bishop – Samuel Ajayi Crowther. CGTS has a faculty of world class scholars with theological academic experience.

Their mission is to be a major theological institution training and equipping men and women in the knowledge of God’s word

ECWA Theological Seminary

Located in Kagoro, Kaduna State, ECWA TS was established in 1931 as a training ground for pastors irrespective of their denomination. The purpose of the training at ECWA TS is divided into 2 facets with the first involved in the development of personal character while the second aligns the individual with God’s purpose and enables him/her to be an effective minister of Christ.

Theological College of Northern Nigeria

TCNN was established in Bukuru in Plateau State in 1959 as a centre for training ministers of the gospel. It is affiliated with the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Community) and the Presbyterian church.

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They offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Theology. Admission into the undergraduate course requires 5 credits in the WASC examination, while the postgraduate requires a first degree, HND or equivalent degree. The candidate also needs to be recommended for this training by his church.

Seminary of All Saints

The Seminary of All Saints is a seminary with a Catholic root and its primary purpose is to provide proper human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation of young men who have voluntarily decided to become catholic priests. It is located in Ekpoma, Edo State and was established in 1994.

Prospective candidates must have at least 5 credits in their WASC examination. They must also submit a medical certificate showing physical fitness

The training at this seminary is in three phases and the duration is 8 years. The first phase is called Philosophicum and it last 4 years. The second is the pastoral phase which is for 1 year and the last phase is theologicum which last for 3 years. The pastoral year is the practical aspect of the theological training.

The seminary has graduated over 200 students who are serving faithfully in different dioceses in various parts of the country.

The Seminary of All Saints has affiliations with the University of Benin where their graduates are awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and the Pontifical Urban University in Rome where their graduates are awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.


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