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Rejuvenating your Human Hair Weaves

What does it mean to ‘Rejuvenate’?

Rejuvenation can be defined as a way of making someone or something feel or look better, younger, fresher, finer and revitalized. Rejuvenation can also refer to a process of restoring life to a particularly thing, or restoring it to a previous desired state of existence.

Human hair weaves are very important in today’s fashion world. By themselves, they can remodel your whole look by adding more size, length and a bit of shine to your hair. A lot of celebrities use these weaves to get elegant hairstyles. Unlike our natural hair, human hair weaves require a lot of care, if you want your human hair to make you look great and beautiful, you have to learn how to maintain the weaves.

Ways To Rejuvenate Your Human Hair Weaves

  • Care for the weaves like your natural hair: If your human hair weaves are glued or sewn alongside with your natural hair, you can wash it along with your natural hair in the bath room. When washing the hair you have to be careful, so that the human hair weaves in the natural hair don’t off. If you’re too rough with the weaves, it won’t last long.

When washing these weaves make sure to be using a moisturizing shampoo. This is because, the more shampoo moisturizes, the better the hair would be.  It is not a good idea to always wash glued human hair weaves alongside with your natural hair, the weaves should be removed and treated apart.


  • Make use of sulfate-free shampoo: Sulfate is the cleaning detergent in shampoo that makes the shampoo to foam. Sulfates are effective cleaners. Nevertheless, the natural oils (which serve to protect your weaves) can be dried out due to excessive use of sulfate-based materials. Your body is regularly generating new oils for your natural hair, but your human hair weaves does not have access to such direct supply, so you need be careful when drying your hair after washing it.
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Sulfates cause leaked ends to form in your hair, and it also makes your hair look too dry over time.


  • Use conditioner: Every strand of hair has a caring cuticle layer. It is only that the cuticle layer care for the hair strand also reflects sunlight, which gives your hair its shine. All through the day, the cuticle layer gets broken down, leaving your hair looking dull. Conditioners help give your hair back its body and shine by releasing positively charged particles that fasten into the negatively charged parts of your hair and improves the cuticle layer. Make sure the conditioner gets all the way into the roots of your hair. If you are on braids or curly human hair weaves, you should make use of a leave-in conditioner on it during the day.


  • Wash your human hair weaves close three to five times a week: You don’t need to wash your weaves every day. Like your normal hair, it will become dried out when it is over-washed. Any day that you don’t wash your hair, gently wash with ordinary water and make use of some conditioner. How often you should wash your hair depends on how much oil content is in the hair, how thick the hair is and how much product you use in it. Someone with thick, dry hair, who also doesn’t use much product on the hair, doesn’t need to wash the hair as often as someone with thin, oily hair, who also styles it daily.
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  • Dry your hair: Dry your hair completely before you retire for bed, you should never go to bed while your hair is still wet. Wet human hair weaves causes tangles to form. The way you roll about on bed while sleeping, the tangles in your hair could get stuck and can pull your natural hair which would cause it getting damaged. When your natural hair is braided beneath the weaves, make sure the hair is completely dry so as to avoid bad odor or smell under the weaves. To know if your hair is completely dry, it is suggested that you sit under a covered dryer. How much time you would spend under the dryer is determined by the thickness of your hair, as well as the texture of the human hair.

How to take of your human hair weaves Between Washes

  • Brush your human hair weaves: Brushing of your weaves does not only loosen tangles from the hair, it also makes the oil circulate to all the essential parts of the hair. Make sure to always comb your weaves every day to smoothen them out and also make the hair tidy. Make sure to brush well and be gentle while brushing.
  • Make use of heat protection spray: Heat protectant spray adds oil to the hair while ceasing the natural moisture from it. Make sure to add some heat protectant spray to your human hair weaves before you dry them or before going out on a hot day. The heat protectant spray makes cover around the cuticle of a hair strand, which makes it to keep shining.
  • Always be with your shower cap/swimming cap: Chlorine and salty water can be very dangerous to the hair. If you ever want to go swimming while you still have your human hair on, you always should wear your swimming cap, make sure to wash your hair instantly after swimming in chlorinated or salty water, in case any chemical got to pass through the cap.
  • Replace your hair human hair weaves: Human hair weaves should be replaced at least every six to eight weeks. Keeping the hair any longer, the hair growing beneath the weaves may be disordered. You can keep sewn human hair for long as long as it looks healthy and they still keep shape. Always make sure that you get human hair done by a well-trained stylist. When weaves are stored in a cool dry place and they are well taken care of, their lifespan is increased; meaning that you can use them for longer periods of time.
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