Ready To Wear Abaya/Kaftan

When we talk about ready to wear, the first thing that comes to our mind is a ready made outfit which can come in different pattern, different style, different desgn as the case may be. Ready to wear is made in a series of standard sizes, rather than made to fit the exact measurements of individual customers. In the fashion industry, designers produce ready to wear clothing, intended to be worn without significant alteration because clothing made to standard sizes fits most people.They use standard patterns, factory equipment and faster construction techniques to keep costs low, compared to a custom-sewn version of the same item.

Since the inception of Ready To Wear Outfit, it has been accepted  all over the world. There are reputable ready to wear clothing line, ready to wear brand which are seeing as a fashion institute for those that want to acquire knowledge and skills in the fashion industry. Using Nigeria as a case study, their is no way we will talk about the fashion industry without mentioning the ready to wear tailored outfit. Fashion designers also test their creativity skills in this aspect by creating a piece of their own thoughts and imagination.

Ready To Wear Abaya/Kaftan

This is a tailored outfit that is very common among women(most especially married women) and ladies. Abaya is a free flowing gown, it makes you feel free and comfortable. Abaya or kaftan as the case may be is usually worn by  muslims. Abaya easily comes in ready to wear outfit because, its a very simple style, non time consuming and it can easily fit any body size. Another interesting thing about abaya outfit is that you can make use of any type of fabric to sew the style, be it ankara fabric, silk or chiffon.

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We have carefully selected some abaya style inspiration pictures below.





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