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Prevention of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease using Hand-made Sanitizers

The pandemic nature of the novel COVID-19 has brought about a shortage of hand sanitizer as it is required for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. The skyrocketed rise in the demand for hand sanitizer in the world coupled with the decision of the federal government of Nigeria to ban the importation of hand sanitizers has made the manufactured item to be short in supply in Nigeria. The Nigerian government has made the decision with a view to encouraging local production and consumption of hand sanitizer. However, with the current outbreak of the COVID-19, the supply of hand sanitizer does not correspond with its demand in the world market. Where the product is available, it is being sold at outrageously inflated prices.


To positively react to this scarcity and to continually prevent the spread of the COVID-19, every individual can engage in the production of hand sanitizer. Adoption of the processes as well as getting right the appropriate measure of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of hand sanitizers are what is required to produce your sanitizers. More importantly, 60% of alcohol should be present in each product for effective result in killing any viruses as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C)
This hand-made production will not only help protect you and your family from any deadly viruses but also help you to save the cost of buying expensive manufactured ones. So, let us all get to work and make our country a better place to live in.

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It is important to note that while the idea of washing your hands with alcoholic sanitizer is a smart way to protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19, washing your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water can effectively do the trick.
COVID-19 is real, help stop the spread and remain safe!
Thank you for reading and I hope this information will help you and your family to stay safe!

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