Pilot (Aviation) Schools in Nigeria: The Top 5

pilot aviation schools in nigeria

You’ve always dreamed of flying around the world as a child. Right now, you’re starting to take your childhood dream more seriously and you want to enroll in an aviation school, but you don’t know which one.

Well, we seem to have made it easy for you, below is a list of the top 5 aviation schools in Nigeria.

pilot aviation schools in nigeria

Nigerian College of Aviation Technology

Located in Zaria in Kaduna state, the NCAT was established in 1964. It is the foremost aviation college in the country and was formerly known as the Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Centre.

This prestigious school is solely funded by the government; however they have forged mutual partnerships with domestic airlines and some international organizations such as the World Bank.

NCAT is primarily involved in the initial training of commercial pilots. Some of the courses they offer include: standard pilot course, private pilot license, international flight planning, flying instructor course, cabin crew basic course and cabin crew refresher course.

They also offer aviation management courses which include basic aviation planning, advanced aviation planning course and post graduate diploma in aviation management.

Additionally, there are other training courses that focus on other aspects of aviation such as aircraft maintenance engineering, aeronautical telecommunications engineering, air traffic services and communication.

Apart from the training offered, NCAT has a fleet of aircraft that can be operated on chartered basis.

International Aviation College

Located at the same location as the International Airport in Ilorin in Kwara State, IAC commenced flight training in 2013.

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It is the first privately owned aviation institute in the country. The college has a state of the art facility including their Diamond aircrafts that are used in training their pilots.

The instructors are foreign trained and the vision of the college is to provide qualitative training to pilots, cabin crew members, air traffic controller and mechanics.

Generally, candidates for admission into this college have to be at least 17 years of age having passed the senior secondary certificate examination with at least 5 credits namely Mathematics, English language, Physics, Geography and any other subject.

The course duration is 18 months and prior to admission, candidate must pass an aptitude test, ability test and an oral interview.

Landover Aviation Business School

LABS was established in 2002 and is located in Ikeja, Lagos. The school has three faculties offering diverse aviation courses. These include the faculty of travel and tourism, faculty of aviation technical and aviation operations and faculty of aviation management operations.

The tourism faculty offers basic airfares and ticketing programmes as well as other International Air Transport Association (IATA) certificate courses.

The technical and operations faculty offers courses such as the basic flight operations course, cabin crew training abi-initio programme, basic flight dispatchers’ course and advanced flight dispatchers’ course.

They also offer customized programme which falls under the aviation management and customized programme faculty.

LABS is dedicated to instilling a high sense of professionalism in their students in order to enable them excel in their specialized area of aviation practice.

Universal School of Aviation

Located in Ejigbo, Lagos State, USA was established to meet the needs of the aviation industry by producing well trained staffs for both domestic and international aviation related organizations.

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The courses they offer training in include air ticketing, tourism management, computer reservation, cabin crew training, travel agency management and hotel management.

Dhaewood Aviation Business School

DABS is a private aviation school which is known to provide high quality training in the aviation/travels and tourism industry. DABS was established in 2005 and is located in Ikeja, Lagos State.

This school is managed by a team of highly qualified IATA certified tutors. They also have links with prestigious colleges and universities abroad which further validates the quality of training they provide.

Admission into the school is strictly based on merit with each course having stipulated requirements. The courses they offer include: travel and tourism course, air ticketing course, airline cabin crew course, airline finance and accounting management, airline revenue management, advanced passenger proration and aeronautical engineering.

The duration of these courses range from 3 months to 2 years.

Final thoughts

Irrespective of the kind of training you want in aviation, our list of top aviation schools obviously leaves you with more than enough options in your prospective career in the aviation industry.

You can find out more about these schools by visiting their websites. However, if you have any question on aviation or pilot training, feel free to use the comment box below.

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