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Photos of Chris Oyakhilome’s Daughter, Sharon Weds Phillip

Founding Pastor of Believers Loveworld Worldwide, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently gave his first daughter out in marriage.

Every father’s dream is to someday give his daughter out in marriage to a responsible man. The joy of walking down the aisle with daughter in hand and handing her over to another man is unquantifiable. Little wonder, most fathers tend to over-scrutinize the men that their daughters bring home. This is only to ensure that their daughters are left in good hands.

In fact, as a result of this, the kinds of requirements and the magnitude of testing and questioning that some tribes subject the men who want to marry their daughters to has deterred many men from indicating interest in marrying their daughters. For instance, in the northern part of Nigeria, particularly among the Fulani, it is said that according to their traditional rites, any individual who desires to marry any of their daughters must receive many painful strokes of cane on his bare back, to prove his love for their daughter, and as a guarantee that their daughter will be in safe hands. Conversely, among the Ibos, many men think twice before deciding to marry Ibos, due to the heavy dowry that they will have to pay to the lady’s family. Typically, if the lady is educated up to a certain level, a certain amount and list of requirements for provisions are provided; if she happens to have had advanced education and degrees, the requirements are much higher and the scrutiny is more intense.

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However, for other parts of the country, the process is very straightforward. Westerners and Southerners are more responsive and lenient in wedding matters.

However, for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President of Believers Loveworld Worldwide a.k.a Christ Embassy church, the story of his beautiful daughter’s wedding to her lover was one of bliss and joy. Plus, there was no trace of tribal unsettlements whatsoever. It was all perfect, from the beginning to the end.

Rightly dubbed as the ‘Royal Wedding’, Pastor Chris watched with smiles all over as his first daughter from ex-wife Anita Oyakhilome, Sharon, finally got married to her long-time lover, Phillip Frimpong from Ghana.

The wedding ceremony took place on the 6th of October at the headquarters of the Christ Embassy Church in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. It was well attended by dignitaries from all walks of life.

At the wedding, Pastor Chris was joyful all the way. The ceremony was very beautiful, owing to the infusion of the two different cultures of the groom and bride. The groom, Phillip, hails from Ghana, while the bride, Sharon, hails from Edo state in Nigeria. Both of them were the traditional outfits of each of their respective hometowns, and this made the occasion very colourful.

Several members of Phillip’s family were seen present at the ceremony all the way from Ghana, as were his friends and well-wishers.

The wedding was officiated by global Christian icon, Pastor Benny Hinn. Several other church leaders in Nigeria and all over Africa were also present at the wedding. Other members of Christ Embassy Church were also present, as were several gospel artistes, like Sinach (who was recently appointed as Pastor Benny Hinn’s music minister), Eben, Jahdiel, Frank Edwards, and others.

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The hall for the reception looked every shade of heavenly, with the perfect blend of purple, gold and cream colours. At the reception, both were all smiles as they danced melodiously to the tunes being played. Pastor Chris was also visibly elated, as he was seen showcasing his elegant dance moves for all who cared to see. He did the ‘dab’ dance, alongside some of his pastors. What joy filled his heart, to see his daughter all grown-up and married.

About the couple:

Carissa Ebhodagie Sharon Oyakhilome was born to Chris and Anita Oyakhilome (ex-wife) in 1994 (she’s currently 25 years old). She had her education in Nigeria and abroad, and also serves in the ministry of her father.

She is a gospel singer, her stage name being ‘CSO’.

On the other hand, her husband, Phillip Frimpong, is a Ghanaian national, though he was born in the Netherlands. He is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of ONUA, a west African wax print production company. Staff and associates of his company were in attendance at the wedding.

How they met:

The couple met at a Christ Embassy Church in the United Kingdom in 2013. Pastor Chris was ministering at a conference holding in the church, and while Carissa was present as part of the ministering team, Phillip was there as an attendee.

According to her, he was so imparted by her ministration at the event, that after closing he walked up to her and asked her a few questions about the things she shared. As a well nurtured Nigerian girl, she answered his questions well, and they got acquainted. Afterwards, they exchanged contacts, and the man Phillip Frimpong proceeded to follow up on her. Soon, they two became very good friends. They grew closer and closer over time, but according to Sharon, their association never exceeded just ‘friendship’.

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Surprisingly, she confessed that they did not date before deciding to get married, that they both prayed earnestly to God to give then partners that had the fear of God to listen and pray at all times. So, they just stayed as close friends for a long time, and decided to get married after being ‘friends’ for about five years.

We wish then a happy married life.

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