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Peter Okoye uses music video to unveil how his brothers did not want him to marry his wife Lola


After years of P-square separation, former P-square artist, Peter Okoye, once again unveiled in his recent music video how his twin brother did not want him to marry his wife Lola. Mr P seemed to indicate the fundamental cause of the separation in his music video titled “Too Late”. The video exposes his brothers Paul and Jude Okoye for not accommodating his adored wife, Lola. Long before P-square became celebrities, Lola contributed to the group due to her family background, fortune and influence.


Due to the dislike Paul and Jude had for Lola, Peter had to battle with his biological brothers. To make matters worse, their mother was also against Peter marrying Lola. Shortly after their mother passed away, Peter wedded Lola and the enmity the family had for her deepened. One of the key issues was that Lola being a Yoruba woman, was a bitter pill for them to swallow.

Consequently, Peter had to safeguard his family by walking away from the group he co-founded with his brothers. So far, P-square still performs as a group and individually. During an interview with Premium Times, Peter unveils so much information as to the breakup. He said: “Guess what? I’ll still perform P-Square songs, nobody can stop me, nobody can stop Paul too, we didn’t have a contract with Jude, so I have the right to perform P-Square songs, especially the ones I took part in.”

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