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Pastor Tony Rapu cancel single ladies in a heart-warming open letter


Tony Rapu, a benevolent and senior pastor of House of freedom, has taken to social media to cancel single ladies around the world. In his pronounced letter he shared on his Instagram page, he encourages them to have confidence and be expectant in a brighter future. Furthermore, he admonished them to believe in God’s plan for their lives and have faith that God will guild them to some spectacular.
The pastor said trusting God is an expression of faith and God will be delighted. He went ahead to say that unmarried ladies should not permit worry to rob away their happiness and take away treasurable moments that cannot make someone fruitful.

Read the extensive note below;

“Dear Daughter,
As the years roll by, with what seems to be greater speed, it may seem that trusting God’s plan for your life gets more difficult and you sometimes wonder if you will ever meet that someone special. Sometimes the ache underneath may keep you wondering if God knows what He’s doing. Indeed, He does and His overall plan for our lives will always be more important than how we currently feel. Trusting God in this time is what pleases Him because it’s an expression of your faith.

Rest in the present and do not fret about the future. Remember that God loves you with an everlasting love. It’s a love that has your best interest at heart. He can see the beginning of your life from the end and He knows what’s best for you.

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Do not allow fear or anxiety to steal your joy and take away precious days you cannot recover nor make you unproductive in your walk with God. You don’t want to finally meet your future spouse and then regret that you wasted so much time complaining about this time of your life.

Your Dad”.

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