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Aso Rock Precidential Villa, FCT Abuja: History And Pictures

All nations on earth have a designated dwelling place and official quarters for their Presidents. The United States of America has the White House, which functions as the President’s home and office; the United Kingdom has No. 10 Downing street, Westminster as the official residence and office of the UK Prime Minister; and other countries […]

Top Richest People In The World

This world is full of wealthy people. There are those who have made their wealth by offering solutions to several humanitarian problems, and there are others who lived ahead of their time, providing solutions for both their generation and for posterity. As a result of their invaluable contribution to mankind, they have become very rich. […]

10 Reasons Why Relationships Fails in Nigeria

The rate at which relationships fail these days is very alarming. In previous times, once a couple was known to be in a relationship, they were expected to get married in the long run, by default; and yours truly, many of them would eventually get married after a period of courting. This is because, they […]

Five Highest Oil-Producing States In Nigeria

Nigeria is a blessed country, and it is no longer news that Nigeria falls into the category of oil-producing countries. With a population of nearly 180 million people, the country is rich in crude oil and mineral resources, from oil and gas to tin ore, granite, coal, zinc, copper, columbite, molybdenum, fine sand, gold, and […]

Five Major Causes Of Unemployment In Nigeria

The issue of unemployment in Nigeria has persisted for decades, with no obvious solution in sight. Several administrations in the past, promised a thorough alleviation of the problem during their election campaigns; however, none failed to deliver on their promises after they got elected. Unemployment is a real humanitarian problem. It leads to high crime […]

Top 10 Insurance Companies In Nigeria

An insurance company is simply a specialized kind of business that deals in the provision of coverage services, often as compensation, in the event of certain kinds of loss, hardship, or damage to individuals and businesses. They are not philanthropists, and they do not offer their coverage services for free and to just anyone who […]

Things To Do When Preparing For A Nigerian Wedding

Everybody loves weddings. Every parent’s dream is to see their children get married to the right person, and at the right time, under the right circumstances. The dream of every young girl is to one day see her man walk her down the aisle and commit to her for the rest of his life. In […]

How To Plan A Reception Wedding That Rocks In Nigeria

Wedding receptions are the juicy parts of Nigerian weddings. All the food, drinks, comedy, dance and papparazi come only during the reception. In fact, many people do not attend church weddings; they go straight to the reception. In Nigeria, there are ordinary receptions and there are classy receptions. Most parents whose kids plan to get […]

Effects Of Economic Recession In Nigeria

The key to understanding its effects in the country is first understanding what it is, why it happens, what causes it to happen, what economic changes it occasions, and what the possible approaches are to ameliorating the situation. What is Recession? In plain terms, recession simply refers to a period of total economic meltdown. According […]

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