Nigerian Men’s Traditional Fashion Styles

In a cultural oriented country like Nigeria, where culture and tradition are given great importance, men traditional wears can’t go extinct despite the western development, rather it will be fashioned in a new style. One can add his or her own taste and ideas to make them quite classy, stylish and attractive. Following trend helps […]

Latest Ankara Styles and Designs for Men and Guys | Nigerian

Ankara was initially believed to be common only with local market women. In recent time, different styles of latest design are now being sewn with it even by celebrities. Men and guys who were never thoughts to go for Ankara are now coming out with stylish Ankara dresses. Ankara has different grades with different prices […]

Latest Native Styles for Guys and Men (Nigerian)

For decades, native wears have always been the choice of Nigerians for ceremonial occasion, regardless of age and gender. For guys and men who always want to appear trendy, it is pertinent that they wear latest styles, whether you are the host or you are being invited to the party, be it wedding, birthday or […]

Lace Styles: Latest & Modern Nigerian Lace Gowns & Dresses

Are you looking for the best lace styles in Nigeria? Then you’re just on the right page. Here, we’ll show you the best lace gowns available in Nigeria at the moment. These styles have been carefully selected and have been found to be perfectly in line with the latest Nigerian fashion trends. So, whether you’re […]

Which is the First Private University in Nigeria?

The first private university in Nigeria is the Igbinedion University, Okada town, Benin City, in Edo State of Nigeria. Established in 1999 by Sir Gabriel Igbinedion, the university has an enrollment capacity for about 5,000 students comprising both undergraduates and postgraduates. Some of faculties in the university include Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Arts and Social […]

Where Can I Buy Black Seed Oil in Nigeria?

Black seed oil, also called black cumin oil, is the oil extracted from the black seed (Nigella sativa), which is also called black cumin. The plant that produces this seed is cultivated majorly in North Africa and the Middle East. Its relevance was first underlined about fifteen centuries ago when Prophet Muhammad described it as […]

Which is the First Capital of Nigeria?

The question on the first capital of Nigeria is a bit controversial due to lack of official statements that provide the answer. While it’s widely believed that Calabar is the official capital of Nigeria, some authorities strongly hold that Asaba, and not Calabar, is the first capital of the area now known as Nigeria. Others, […]

Which is the First Church in Nigeria?

first church in nigeria

Although Christianity made its first appearance in Nigeria in Benin in the sixteenth century when Portuguese missionaries came, no definitive church was established before the missionaries departed. The first church in Nigeria wasn’t built until few centuries later. The first church in Nigeria is the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Ake, Abeokuta. Its foundation was […]

Who Owns Shoprite Nigeria?

shoprite nigeria

If you’ve been wondering who owns Shoprite Nigeria, then you’re just some seconds away from getting the answer. First, bear in mind that Shoprite is not a Nigerian company. Shoprite Nigeria is the Nigerian subsidiary of Shoprite Holdings Ltd, a South African retail firm established in 1979 by South African Billionaire Mr Christo Wiese. The […]

Why is Nigeria Called Giant of Africa?

If you’re one of those asking to know why Nigeria is called “Giant of Africa”, then you’re on the right page, as the question is answered in detail here. Whether you’re asking the question out of curiosity or because you’re just not comfortable with Nigeria being given such a magnifying description, the following reasons will […]