Definition of Nigerian Stock Exchange

All over the world, stock exchanges (or financial market) provide the platform for stockbrokers and traders to meet and transact in financial securities. Such securities may include currencies, bonds, shares, and so on. The Nigerian Stock Exchange is the corporate entity established following the report of the committee set up by the government in 1959 […]

How Much Does a Nigerian Passport Cost?

Do you wish to know how much you’ll need in getting a Nigerian passport? Then, you’re at the right page to get a reliable info of its cost. Actually, Nigerian passport is of two types- The 64 pages and the 32 pages passport. The 64 pages passport was introduced for Nigerians who travel a lot […]

Pictures of Nigerian Native Attires: Gowns and Wears

To get a good tailor for your Native attire is no more a problem, but the problem after getting a nice fabric is to get a picture of your desired style. For any kind of attire you’ve opted for, or any kind of style you’re thinking of, be it simple gown or other styles for ladies […]

How Much Do Nigerian Senators Earn?

Nigerian senators, without doubt, are among the highest paid civil servants in the country. When talking of the richest people in Nigeria, our politicians especially these senators first cross the mind. Controversies have always been on how much exactly do they earn as their basic salary with their allowances. Here is just a breakdown of […]

How Much Does Nigeria Spend on Rice Importation?

You won’t just believe your eyes seeing how much a country like Nigeria, with good potential for agriculture, spends on the importation of one of the most common food; Rice. On the amount spend, different figures are gotten from different trusted entities/sources. In May 2015, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria made known […]

Online Money Making Businesses in Nigeria

As pathetic the present economic situation in Nigeria is, there are still various money making online businesses which could help Nigerian youths especially fresh graduates. These businesses are so easy and very lucrative. Virtually everybody has easy and cheap access to the internet these days. Even physical business owners would still want to advertise their […]

30 Small Scale Business & Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

The Nigerian economy is getting harsher by the day, and job security is fast becoming history. Even the pay from most jobs isn’t enough to help most Nigerians to settle their bills. This explains why more and more people are looking to start small side businesses to make extra income. It’s one thing to decide […]

Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles (Latest Pictures)

Are you looking for pictures of latest of Ankara skirt and blouse styles. The need to purchase a magazine is no more relevant, as several styles are brought right here to your view. Nigerians both home and abroad are always looking for the latest Ankara styles they could sew, of which are actually countless in […]

Ankara Maternity Styles: Dresses, gowns, etc.

As a pregnant woman, choosing to dress any how can cost you happiness in your marriage. Ankara maternity wears in form of gown is just a solution to your bother as to which dress to wear during pregnancy, at the same time looking good. It is pertinent that a pregnant woman resist temptations to dress […]

Ankara Dresses and Tops: Latest and Modern Styles

The beauty of a dress does not only lie in it’s fitness, but also its uniqueness. The uniqueness in the latest Ankara dresses and tops makes them outstanding. With this modern styles you can actually enhance your natural look easily. Ankara tops with plane pant/trouser or skirt can’t go extinct in the fashion world. Such […]