How Much is iPhone 7 in Nigeria?

how much is iphone 7 in nigeria

The price of iPhone 7 in Nigeria is presently ranging between N345,000 and N425,000. The fluctuating price of the September-born smartphone is not unconnected to the unstable Dollar exchange rate in the country, while the wide gap in the price range of iPhone 7 will be explained below. By now, everyone knows that the price […]

Pictures of Nigerian Currency (Naira Notes)

In this post, we present to you some pictures of Nigerian currency (Naira notes). Naira is the official currency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigerian Naira notes have a long history of continuous transition in form, colour, beauty and size. But let’s safe the story for another day. Presently in Nigeria, there are eight […]

100 Hot & Fast Selling Products & Goods in Nigeria

More than countable products and goods are presently selling hot and fast in Nigeria. Being the largest black nation on earth in terms of population, the country is a hub for buying and selling as the market for many products and goods is readily available. In Nigeria of today, majority of the populace look for one […]

Pictures of Nigerian Traditional Wedding Cakes

70+ beautiful and unique pictures of Nigerian traditional cakes are here for you to choose from, either for your wedding or other ceremonies. But the focus is more on wedding cakes. Some of these cakes are shaped in form of beads, house, cascaded segment, clothes etc. Nigerian couples always want a wedding that would remain […]

Aso Ebi Ankara Styles (Latest)

Aso Ebi, meaning family wears, are clothes chosen by members of a particular family to be worn for a special occasion. They could all either sew the same style or different styles, but often they sew different styles with that same fabric. Mostly, Ankara is chosen especially in the south western part of the country. […]

How Much Does Chevron Pay?

Chevron Nigeria is one of the leading oil company in Nigeria. It is an American multinational energy corporation head quartered in San Roman, Califonia, United state. The company operates in different levels of oil and gas. In fact one of the company’s largest exploration and production operation is located here in Nigeria making it part […]

Awesome Pictures of Lagos, Nigeria

There are awesome pictures of Lagos, Nigeria all over the web. From jaw-dropping shanties to magnificent picturesque, Lagos indeed has it all. No wonder you hear “Lagos is no man’s land” in every corner of the city. That’s because Eko (the native name for Lagos city) has a place for every class in the society. […]

Alexa Ranking Nigeria: Top 100 Nigerian Sites (Traffic)

Have you been wondering if your site could make it to the top 100 Nigerian sites in terms of traffic? This post will give you some insight about Alexa ranking on Nigeria. The monitoring of Alexa ranking for Nigerian sites has become a popular activity among Nigerian website administrators and e-commerce moguls. Although there is […]

How Much Does Nigerian International Passport Cost?

An International passport is one of the necessary things you must have to travel abroad. So, in preparation for your tour/ journey, it is pertinent to know how much it will cost you to get one. Lucky for you, you are just on the right page to get the correct info. The passport is of […]

Ankara Styles for Ladies (Nigerian)

It is very strange to see Nigerian ladies getting so much worried about the kind of style they could sew their Ankara fabric with, as various options are just available for them. Whichever type of posture you’ve gotten, whether you are fat, slim, tall, or short, a well sewn Ankara fabric will definitely look good […]