How Many Refineries does Nigeria Have? (List)

Nigeria, the giant of Africa has four refineries in total but as for how many of them are working, only three of them are confirmed to be. Two of Nigerian  refineries are located Portharcort, one located in Warri and the other is located in Kaduna. PORT HARCOURT REFINING COMPANY (PHRC): This at Alesa Eleme near […]

Is This The Most Beautiful University Campus in Nigeria? [See Pics]

Whenever the question of the most beautiful university campus in Nigeria is raised, most Nigerians are quick to mention the likes of Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ibadan, University of Lagos, University of Benin, Ahmadu Bello University, and so on. But there’s one university that many people seem not to admire — simply because they’ve […]

How Many Languages Does Nigeria Have?

Nigeria is a multi ethnic and linguistically diverse nation with a lot of tribes and culture so as well as language. Even in a single tribe, it is possible we have more than one language. As for the general language, we all accept that English is the lingua franca. And no other language is replacing […]

Pictures of Nigerian Wedding Gowns and Dresses

Hurray! Now your first problem gets solved. Different pictures of latest choices of Nigerians when it comes to wedding gown are here for you to pick from. Your stress of looking for wedding gowns and dresses pictures is saved. The styles are fascinating fantastic, beautiful and unique. You won’t regret visiting this page to search […]

How Much does Wedding Gown Cost in Nigeria?

In preparation for your long time yearned wedding ceremony, you have to know the estimate and cost of all you need for the wedding. From what most couples give utmost importance to is their wedding dress. Especially the bride’s wedding gown How much does a Nigerian Wedding Gown cost? It depends on what you really […]

Latest Agbada Styles for Nigerian Men (New Designs)

The present day Nigerian fashion has actually upgraded from the usual boring big clothes. Now we have different styles and fabulous Agbada designs for Nigerian men. We hereby provide you fantastic latest designs of different Agbada styles. They are of different colours and from different fabrics. So, your problem of finding a catalogue of Agbada […]

Ankara Kaftan Styles for Nigerian Ladies

Here are fabulous and amazing picture of Kaftan Ankara styles for fashioned inclined ladies. As you always have it from us, we present styles that would suit everybody posture. Whether you are fat, slim, tall or short, you’ll definitely find styles that would be perfect for you. Ankara fabric is just too fantastic as it […]

How Much Does Nigeria Have in Foreign Reserve?

The economy of a country does not depend only on its internal generated revenue but also the amount it has gotten abroad. How much does Nigeria actually have in its foreign reserve? A question many patriotic citizens would want to have an answer to. It is difficult to state with certainty the real value the […]

How Much Does First Bank Nigeria Pay?

From the way people see bank workers looking nice and fresh, they are always curious to know how much they are being paid. First bank Nigeria is one of the banks that pay their staffs most.  Banking sectors generally is one of the highest paying sector in terms of salary. Though there are differences in […]

How Much Does Etisalat Nigeria Pay?

Everybody wants to work with nice a telecommunication company like Etisalat Nigeria. But the question is how much does the company pay its workers? There are many figures over the web showing how much these telecommunication companies pay their staffs. But the truth of the matter is that their salary varies. It is difficult to […]