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Top Ten Richest Actors In Nigeria

The entertainment industry is one of the best-paying industries all over the world. In Nigeria, the case is not different: players in the industry earn astronomical amounts, by simply doing what they love to do. They literally earn big by having fun displaying their gifts and talents. As a matter of fact, the average entertainer […]

The Richest King In Nigeria

Nigeria is a blessed country filled with blessed people. The country’s governing structure includes the President (at the helm of affairs nationally), the State Governors (who lead at the state level), and the local government chairmen (who lead at the local government level). The structure also consists of traditional leaders who work in synergy with […]

Reasons Why Nigerian Couples Divorce

The issue of Divorce has always been in existence. In developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, getting a divorce is almost only a phone call and a signature away; and, people apply for divorce for a wide range of reasons, some, very preposterous. There have been instances where couples got divorced […]

Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria

The entertainment industry is unarguably one of the highest paying industries in Nigeria today. Players in the industry simply get paid astronomical amounts to do what they love to do, almost effortlessly. Comedy is one key aspect of entertainment, and comedians are one of the highest-paid entertainers in the Showbiz industry. They basically come to […]

Top Ten Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Pastors in Nigeria are one of the most-scrutinized leaders in the country. For some reason, many people expect them to be poor, all in the name of serving their congregation; and those of them are rich are accused of either misappropriating church funds or engaging in money rituals. Well, it is worthy to note that […]

Top 10 Richest Politicians In Nigeria

Undoubtedly, Nigeria is a very wealthy country. However, it appears as though the country’s wealth only circulates around the corridors of power; and as such, the leaders grow richer and richer, while the masses grow poorer with each passing day. All over the world, Nigerian political leaders are known to be very corrupt – if […]

Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actressess

The Nigerian movie industry, popularly known as Nollywood has seen a lot of growth over the years; there has been much more investments coming in the last decade than ever, and the quality of Nigerian films are improving year after year. And of course, what this translates to is that, global audience for Nigerian films […]

Top 10 Richest Soccer Players In The World

The world of sports is a world of money, Fame and influence. Amongst the world’s top richest individuals, sportsmen are well-represented. The bulk of the money involved in sports comes from TV coverage, commercial deals, and of course wages earned. At the very top of the ladder, sportspeople earn astronomical amounts, by just doing what […]

How To Join Barcelona’s Football Academy In Nigeria

For sports lovers, the name ‘Barcelona FC’ will surely ring bells in their ears. There is hardly any football lover that is not acquainted with the name. Barcelona FC stands for Barcelona Football Club. It is a Spanish club, and it currently plays in the Spanish la liga. Barcelona FC is one of the most […]

The Longest Bridge In Nigeria – The Third Mainland Bridge

Nigeria is nicknamed “the giant of Africa” not just because of its population size, but its potential as well. Successive governments have tried to improve on the infrastructure in the country as an instrument for breathing life into the nation’s economy; a lot of rail, road and power projects are being built across the country […]

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