How Much does Nigeria Spend on Education?

The only way to check how much Nigeria spend on Education is from the annual budget. In 2016, the federal and state governments claimed to have spent 8.44 percent of the total budget of 12.2 trillion naira on education, making 1.03 trillion naira. For more break down of how the money was expected to be […]

How Much does a Nigerian Governor Earn?

At the present day Nigeria, governors’ salaries have reduced compared to what past Nigerian governors earned. This is due to the new policies adopted by the presidency to manage funds. The new policy does not only affect the governors but other high stake holders in the civil service. A Nigerian Governor’s basic salary is now […]

Aso Ebi Lace Styles (Latest)

“The party is near and the Aso Ebi lace has been given to all the family members. My problem starts from the style to sew the fabric with. I think I really need latest magazines to check lace styles”. These has been the headache of most Nigerians when their family parties are approaching. No cause […]

Aso Ebi Gown Styles (Latest)

Aso ebi, As the name implies, means family wears. They are clothes chosen by members of a particular family to be worn for a special occasion. They could all either sew the same style or different styles, but often they sew different styles with that same fabric. Sewing your Aso Ebi as gown can never […]

How Much Does a Washing Machine Cost in Nigeria?

A modern necessity of household is a well-functioning washing machine. It eases the washing of clothes for wives, maids and house girls. Buying a washing machine now in Nigeria could be a little bit tedious due to the present economic situation. With that, we need to know how much a washing machine cost at the […]

Nigerian Stock Exchange Listed Companies

Nigerian stock Exchange listed companies

As at the third quarter of 2016, a total of 175 establishments featured on the Nigerian Stock Exchange listed companies list. With this listing, The Exchange is known to be one of the largest exchanges in Africa as it renders services to the largest economy in the continent. The listed companies on the Nigerian Stock […]

Why MMM Will Most Likely Never Come Back

For some months, MMM was the biggest thing in Nigeria, providing a quick way to make profits (without working) to millions of Nigerians. The enthusiasm among MMM participants was high, and some people continued to pump every naira note they could lay their hand on into the scheme. Quite unexpectedly, on December 13, 2016, the […]

OMG! See Inside Pictures of Dangote’s Expensive Mansion

In Nigeria and every other part of the world, rich men are known by their houses. So, it’s not surprising that the house of the richest black man on earth, Aliko Dangote, is indeed a masterpiece. For many years, details of what Dangote’s house looked like only remained as guesswork in the imagination of most […]

Pictures of Nigerian Dinner Gowns

As you stumble or do deliberately visit our pages for pictures of Nigerian styles, we will also not cease to supply you latest and amazing designs in the world of Nigerian fashion. The point of focus here are the dinner gowns. Dinner gowns as the name implies, are gowns that are suitable for dinner parties […]