Reasons For Privatization In Nigeria

reasons for privatization in nigeria

Privatization involves the transfer of ownership from the public sector to the private sector. Realistically, privatization takes many forms and the term is sometimes used broadly, to describe any policy changes that enlarges the scope for private enterprises to compete with state-owned enterprises (SOEs) or even ones that might cause SOEs to behave more like […]

Slay Queen: What Does It Really Mean?

slay queen

Slay Queen: What Does It Really Mean? With the latest trend on social media, many of you might have wondered at one time or the other about who a slay queen REALLY is. A Slay Queen is supposedly a woman who possesses beauty, brains, and power. What she says, does, and wears should inspire you, […]

Olajumoke The Breadseller: Her Grass-to-grace Story

olajumoke orisaguna

Have you ever thought that miracles no longer existed? Or have you always thought fairytales with happy endings are for movies alone?  Well, you are about to read one! Dubbed the modern Cinderella, Olajumoke Orisaguna or Olajumoke Sunday is a Nigerian bread seller turned supermodel who went from the streets to the stars. Olajumoke Orisaguna: […]

How To Write A CV in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

how to write a cv in nigeria

CV writing isn’t for the lazy, especially in a country like Nigeria where there are thousands, if not millions, scrambling for that same position you are vying for.  Writing the job-getting CV is often considered a daunting task (nothing good comes easy); however, with the right guidelines, you can easily create an attention-grabbing resume that […]

Oriki Ibeji: Eulogy for Twins in Yorubaland

oriki ibeji

The Yoruba are one of Nigeria’s most important ethnic groups, and mainly occupy the Southwestern region of Nigeria. Due to genetic reasons, this very large tribe happens to record the highest dizygotic twinning rate in the world (4.4% of all maternities). The high perinatal death rate associated with such pregnancies has led to the integration […]

Iara Oshiomhole Biography: Facts You Didn’t Know About Her

The sayings, “No knowledge is ever wasted” and “Knowledge is power” are true. There’s nothing as good as arming oneself with knowledge; which includes current happenings in Nigeria, the biographies of our political leaders and who their spouses are. Apart from being known as the wives of governors or the president, who REALLY are these […]

Dew Bottled Water: All You Need To Know

dew bottled water

Dew Bottled Water: All You Need To Know Apart from food, clothing and shelter, water remains one of man’s basic necessities. No matter your societal status, or religion, everyone needs to quench their thirst and use water for other purposes. So, why does the thought of drinking bottled water leave Nigerians wary? The reason isn’t […]

Bayo Ajia: All You Need To Know About Him

Bayo Ajia: All You Need To Know About Him What happens when the negative impacts of the activities of Nigerian politicians on the youths lead to a degenerated society? You are about to get your answer with this perusal of the life and times of late Bayo Ajia. Not much was known about the deceased […]

100 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria

ways to make money in nigeria

People say making money in Nigeria is hard. But really, this isn’t the case. There are scores of way to make money in this country. And in this article, we’ve highlighted 100 ways of generating a steady stream of income no matter where you are in the country. 100 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria […]

Wole Soyinka’s Poems: A List of Poems by Soyinka

wole soyinka poems

Wole Soyinka was born on the 13th of July 1934 in Abekouta, Ogun state, Nigeria. His interest in literature led him to study English literature, Greek nd history at the University College in Ibadan. He would later relocate the University of Leeds to continue his studies in literature. Wole Soyinka was a dramturgist at the […]