Pablo Ayodeji: Biography and Interesting Details

Pablo Ayodeji came into limelight when he went on a ‘date’ with a lady named Ore. Turns out she wasn’t interested in a relationship and told him. The kid went on Twitter and started ranting that he took her out on a date, spent money and she still turned him down. Ore in turn, dropped this tweet that we consider one of the greatest clap backs of all time.

She refunded him and asked him to keep the change. Then, everywhere on the internet scattered. Someone used the hashtag #KeepTheChangeBae, and the rest, as they say is history.

The hashtag became viral and witnessed lots of brands joining the conversation. Brands like Wema Bank (the bank Pablo Ayodeji uses), Quickteller (a payments platform that facilitated the payment from Ore’s account to Ayodeji’s), Baton Nigeria (makers of Nigeria’s finest toothpicks), Yudala, Road Chef, Mobile Punch, The Nail Boutique (Foremost Lekki-located nail brand, who also offered Ore a free Mani or Pedi session for ‘inspiring them’), Hotel NowNow, Piggy Bank, and First Bank Plc., were among the first to join the conversation. Even popular musician, Adekunle Gold got inspired to write a new song with the #KeepTheChangeBae hashtag.

As the discussion got heated on social media, drama occurred when Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo tribes disowned Pablo Ayodeji. Even the Ijaws and people of the Niger Delta region refused to be associated with him.

Over time, the hate mail, hate messages, and evil looks Ayodeji got on the streets made him contemplate suicide.

The next morning, Pablo Ayodeji apologized for his actions. According to him, he couldn’t just handle the rejection he got from Ore.

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According to him,

“I regret ever tweet I sent yesterday to @Missmoshiku. I was really way out of line. I’ve apologized privately to her early this morning. I’m still yet to get a response back from her which is understandable. I fucked up big time. I know that now. I just couldn’t handle the rejection and I felt she was a bit harsh also, so I lashed out without thinking. But I really hope she forgives me and we can just move on and forget all this. And I’ve sent her the 5k back early this morning. She’s definitely not a broke girl I’m aware of that. It was super childish of me to come up with that. And I hope we can still be friends. To every girl out there I’ve probably offended directly or in directly, I’m sorry again. I really hope we can all move on now. Thanks”.

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