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Orange Slay in Aso Ebi Dresses

So it’s that time of the year again, when ceremonies are rife, and fashionistas have good trouble keeping up with the massive influx of new styles and trends in the industry. Aso ebi lovers have had a hard time selecting the best colours for their aso ebi. Perhaps, these people grew tired of the regular colours of blue, black, white, and red, and began to search for something a bit more unconventional yet classy.

We found just what the doctor ordered: Orange!

Contrary to beliefs that Orange aso ebi is complicated to wear and difficult to combine with other colours, it really stands out as the next best thing for aso ebi lovers. Interestingly, orange aso ebi can be worn by both fair-skinned and dark-skinned individuals, depending on the shade of orange being used, the style of the dress, and the skin tone of the user. There are quite a number of shades of orange; normal orange, burnt orange, just to name a few, and each is unique in its own way. Only a few other colours give as much options as the colour orange affords!

Here are a few tips on how to slay in orange aso ebi dresses:

1. Sleeveless Orange Gown with Black Accessories

The norm for aso ebi is either iro and buba, or long/short gowns with sleeves. However, you can take things a little higher and bit personal with the sleeveless orange gown. You can have your designer style it either long, or short, or mid-length; just ensure that it is sleeveless, fitted, and with a nice slit. Kill off the look with black or golden accessories. A nice neckpiece, amulet, and clutch bag would do, coupled with a pair of stunning heels.

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2. Orange Ankara Iro and Buba with Orange Gele

If you’re not shy to be the cynosure of all eyes at events, then this is perfectly suited for you. Find yourself a nice orange ankara material with beautiful patterns that accentuate the orange colour, and style yourself a nice off-shoulder Iro with a long buba. The orange gele should match the Iro and buba, and to complement this, add gold-coloured accessories, light makeup and nice heels. This is bright, classy and sophisticated. It takes guts to appear like this, but when you do – and do it well – as you step into the show with your crew, I’d bet the emcee will stop all motions just to acknowledge your presence!

3. Burnt Orange Couple Splash

Sounds more like a drink than a fashion element, huh? Well, the burnt orange splash is your best bet for slaying with your partner. It features a simple long flowing gown, burnt orange in colour, decked with bright red, royal blue and gold crystals and embroidery, littered all over the gown. Put this on with nude heels, or with your favourite gold-coloured heels, and let your man hold your hand dressed in burnt orange senator attire or agbada. Then sit, relax, and enjoy the attention.

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