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OMG! See Inside Pictures of Dangote’s Expensive Mansion

In Nigeria and every other part of the world, rich men are known by their houses. So, it’s not surprising that the house of the richest black man on earth, Aliko Dangote, is indeed a masterpiece.

For many years, details of what Dangote’s house looked like only remained as guesswork in the imagination of most Nigerians. But photos of one of Dangote’s mansions in Abuja surfaced sometimes in late 2016, when the house was said to be put on sale for a whopping $30 million. That’s about $100 billion!!!

Here are inside pictures of the house. Please clear your mouth before viewing, so you don’t drool some saliva:)

aliko dangote house 1 aliko dangote house 2 aliko dangote house 3 aliko dangote house 4 aliko dangote house 5 aliko dangote house 6 aliko dangote house aliko dangote house

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  • but my opinion is that this our country Nigeria we deserves to be using dollar as long as Angola and south Africa is using dollar we suppose to because we are the giant of Africa.

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