Off Shoulder Classy Ankara Styles

“Style is a way to show who you are without having to speak” _____Rachel Zoe

Ankara is an African print fabric which is very popular in Nigeria, it has also gain popularity in many other African counntries such as Ghana and South Africa to mention a few. It is of no doubt that ankara fabric is widely accepted by Nigerians most especially among the Yorubas. We can come to the conclusion that ankara print gain popularity because of  the uniqueness of its texture, the colourful print pattern that it comes with, and most especially how the fabric graces individual’s body wearing it. We can also mention that ankara print gain popularity because the fabric can be used to achieve different styles, which means that their is no limitation to how you can create a masterpiece style with ankara fabric.

There are also no limitations to where you can wear your ankara fabrics to, gone are the days when ankara attire are specifically worn to functions such as wedding ceremony, burial function, house warming ceremony or any other special social function. Nowadays, ankara are can be worn to anywhere and any day of the week depending on the style or the indidvidual’s personalty. It is also important to state that ankara prints suits both male and female.

Interestingly, the ‘local’ African fabric ankara is fast taking over in world class fashion walk ways with its highly flexible nature which makes it suitable for almost every occasion with a mastery of its highly enriched and artistic patterns.  As years passes by, fashionistas  began conceiving of brand new ideas, in the blink of an eye, ankara prints became popular and accepted globally.The intriguing thing about the Ankara is that you can customize your style. There is no impediment to what the texture can or can’t do. Dynamic and highly reflective of class and personality.

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We are all aware of what an off shoulder style looks like. It is of no doubt that off shoulder styles has gain popularity among youth and even the older generation. Illustration of an off shoulder style simply goes thus; the top, blouse, gown or dress as the case may be starts from somewhere after the shoulder. Off shoulder style embraces neck and shoulder pad area by leaving it bare, the individual can use a simple neckpiece to grace the part that is left bare. There are some off shoulder styles that are very low, and there are some that are not too low, this depends on individual’s perception of fashion and style.

This articles takes us on a journey of some off shoulder classy ankara styles. The article specifically talks about 4 off shoulder ankara styles which are stated below.


Every woman wants to look attractive and feminine, and a perfect beautifully sewn jumpsuit is one of the items that can make them achieve this. Nowadays, hardly will you see a lady without a pair of jumpsuit in her closet. Jumpsuit is the combination of a top and a trouser which is attached together as a complete outfit. Jumpsuit is one of the style that has come to stay, its a trending style among Nigerian Youth, it is also popular in other part of the world. The style brings out the curvy shape of the individual wearing it. Ankara is one of the best fabric that can be used to sew off shoulder jumpsuit. Jumpsuit is a casual outfit, it can be worn to any function, it graces the woman’s body in a sexy, funky and stylish way. Off shoulder ankara jumpsuit can be paired with a high heel shoe, flat shoe, sandal as the case may be.

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Below are some off shoulder ankara jumpsuit style inspiration



Ankara tops comes in various style, but we are more concerned about the off shoulder style in this write up. Off shoulder ankara top or blouse can come in a smoked off shoulder design or just the regular off shoulder design, in designing the hand of the off shoulder, the style might also vary depending on what the individual want to achieve with the entire look. This style is easy to rock, very comfortable and it gives you the opportunity to flaunt some part of your skin. Different ankara print can be used to achieve this style, the off shoulder top can either be long or short. The top can be paired with a jean, skirt, palazo etc.

See some off shoulder ankara tops below



Both long and short dresses is every woman’s must have wear, a dress when its properly sewn makes a woman feel like a princess. Either a long or short dress, an off shoulder style complements the entire outfit. Ankara fabrics with its beautiful prints brings out the beauty of this style. Check out some lovely off shoulder ankara long and short dresses below.




Maxi gown are long free flowing gown,  this style is mostly worn by middle age women, maxi gown covers the whole part of the individual’s body. The style  potrays a sense of maturity and class. Ankara fabric graces this style to perfection, it shows every details of the ankara print and pattern as a result of its free and flowing design. Off shoulder ankara maxi gown style is a must have for every lady out there. Any ankara print goes on this style most especially flowery ankara pattern. The off shoulder can either be very low or not too low as it is desired by the individual wearing it. This style can be worn to any social function such as a wedding ceremony, house warming, birthday celebration etc. It can also be paired with a high heel shoe, flat, sandals or slippers.

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