Off-shoulder AsoEbi Bella 2020

The phrase ‘Asoebi Bella’ is a term for a charming woman who is dressed gorgeously in Asoebi attire, either as part of a bridal train at a wedding or as a normal attendee at a colour-coded event or ceremony. While the scope of the term ‘Asoebi Bella’ spans beyond the two examples described above, they are, however, the most common. Asoebi Bellas in Nigeria is known for rocking the latest and most trendy fashion styles. If you are looking for the latest fashion trends in the industry, check out the Asoebi Bellas. They never dull!




Without delay, it gets a bit more intriguing.

Many times, when a new year gets ushered in, some styles and trends fade away. However, that is not the case with the off-shoulder style. If the current fashion trend projections are anything to go by, the off-shoulder style will continue to dominate the industry for the months and perhaps years to come. One of the reasons for this level of dominance by is the versatility of the off-shoulder style, especially with regards to the manner at which it is complemented by other outfits and accessories and the type of fabric used. Off-shoulder dresses can be made using various kinds of fabrics. Many have been distinguished wearing Ankara off-shoulder dresses and others made from Lace, Gini brocade and even Satin. Furthermore, off-shoulder Asoebi offers a dual-combo benefit of elegance and comfort. Climate change has caused unpredictable changes to the atmosphere, increasing public discomfort and a particular preference for loose-fitting clothes to assuage the effects of the heat.

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Talking about trends, one of the dress styles that trended all through the year 2019 (especially among Asoebi Bellas) is the off-shoulder dress. Despite not being completely in alignment with traditional West-African dress patterns – which are conservative, off-shoulder dresses dominated the entire fashion industry in Nigeria against all odds. The young, middle-aged and old possessed their fair share of experience with the dress, and it was a favourite at social events, casual meet-ups and ceremonies.




For these and many reasons, off-shoulder dresses are unarguably the most sought-after outfits in the market today. Here are some of the most recent off-shoulder Asoebi Bella styles for 2020.

Off-shoulder lace gown with a high slit





This gown is exquisite for slim and tall ladies, even though ladies without these visible features can additionally have it adapted to their peculiar shapes and sizes. The high slit on the body of the gown is ideal for ladies with fine long legs, and a pair of stiletto heels with a clutch bag and jewellery are sufficient to crown the look.

Short off-shoulder gown





This is one of the more sexy options. Ladies who are ‘endowed’ at the anterior and posterior regions almost always favour this type of gown. WHY? Because it enhances their sexuality. Period!

There are several other off-shoulder Asoebi Bella styles for women to choose from. These here are only examples of the hottest trending styles. Consult with your fashion designer for more.

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Additional Photos of off-shoulder Asoebi Bella 2020:








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