Nigerian Lace Dress Styles (2019)

Are you thinking of sowing a lace style dress for some of your favourite occasions like birthdays and weddings? Or are you looking for latest Nigerian Lace Dress Styles for 2017 in order to avoid poring over tons of fashion magazines before deciding which style your tailor should sew? Well, you’ve come to the right place—we’ve got what you are looking for.

In the Nigerian market, you may have found that there are many types of laces ranging from French lace to Guipure lace, voile lace, Swiss lace, Vogue cord lace, Bling Sequined Lace and many other types. However, the most important fashion rule to remember is that the type of dress pattern or style you choose would determine the type of lace to be used.

What’s more? With the lace fabric, you can get gorgeous styles ranging from long gowns to short gowns, wedding gowns, evening wears, prom wears, pinafore, skirts and blouses, the traditional Iro and Buba, and much more. You can even make accessories like necklaces, bags, bangles, shoes/slippers out of the lace fabric. So, whether you’re attending a formal function, a social event, or going on a date, the lace fabric is one that never disappoints.


First of all, when selecting a style, make sure you pick the right colour combinations. Nigerian Lace styles usually look stunning when you mix light and dark colours together—you don’t have to be a pro at combining colours or poring over colour wheels; the most important thing is to have a moderate amount of knowledge about colour combinations. Also, you can go out with full single colour on your dress. It can be via choosing one colour from scarf to shoes and it will still look amazing.

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Secondly, ensure you choose the right (if not perfect) person to sew it for you. Laces won’t disappoint so long as you choose the right tailor and material for it.


While laces look lovely when transformed into various styles, washing it can seem very daunting. Hence, it’s very important that you learn how to care for these babies.  If there’s a lot of lace on your garment, like a wedding dress, for example, it’s always advisable that you get it professionally cleaned. However, for those everyday garments or those for social events, washing it can be done at home.  Here’s how to care for your lace fabrics….

  1. Attach any buttons or snaps before putting your dress in the washing machine. If you’re sure the fabric does not specify for hand wash only, then, it’s safe for a mild wash cycle only lasting for 2 or 3 minutes. If it’s hand wash only, use a small amount of mild detergent or club soda on the dirty spot and wash clean.
  2. Put the garment in the washing machine, using a gentle cycle and cold water. A mild detergent will remove stains, while at the same time protect the fabric and colour. Remember to use cold water for laundry because it not only saves energy but also prolongs the life of fabrics and colours.
  3. Lay out on a dry surface, or hang up to air dry on a hanger or cloth line. Note that some lace pieces may need to be laid flat for shaping, using pins to attach it to the flat area in order to ensure that it dries up with its proper shape.
  4. Avoid putting lace into the dryer or ironing it, as it can burn the delicate fibres. If you need to iron it, ensure you run the iron gently over your fabric.
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