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Nigeria Muslim Wedding Attire (Stunning Images)

Nigeria muslim wedding attires are characterized by their bright colours, uniqueness and specially-crafted designs. The Nikkah is one of the oldest ceremonies in existence today, and it is widely-known for the rich traditions and practices attached to it. The evolution in the fashion industry failed to significantly influence the dressing culture of the muslims; hence, whenever you see a muslim woman dressed for her wedding, you are able to identify her accurately due to the fact that muslims have strict traditions and practices regarding the attires for their brides on their special days.

Nonetheless, the young couple’s preferences, as well as the tradition of their family greatly influence the eventual outlook of the wedding attire and the style of the whole wedding.

Here are key features of a Nigerian muslim wedding attire:

#1. The Wedding Gown (for the brides)

The wedding gown for muslim brides is unique in every way. Much unlike the gowns seen in other climes and amongst other tribes, the muslim wedding gown is much less revealing, and could be more colourful too. According to muslim traditions, the bride’s wedding dress should cover her neck, shoulders, chest, arms, torso, legs and even her feet. That’s almost her entire body! The only part of her body that may be revealed is the face (which in some cases can be covered with a veil), and the hands and feet. Muslims believe in modesty and covering up the body, and the strictness of the bride’s appearance is meant to reflect her purity and innocence.

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When we speak about the Muslims’ practice of covering up the entire body and not using transparent fabrics to make the wedding gown, one might think of their bride’s eventual appearance as dull and uninspiring; but the muslims have proved that it doesn’t take the exposure of sensitive body parts to have a great look! Muslim brides always look stunning and inspiring in their long gowns, decked with special stones and all kinds of embroidery and jewellery.

The colours for the gowns could range from white, cream and similar bright colours to others like blue or gold. Muslim brides also wear headgears. Anything from a silk scarf, to a Yoruba gele, decked with either embroidery or special stones is fitting enough to round off the bride’s apparel.

#2. The Male’s attire

Much unlike the bride’s outfit, the groom’s wedding attire is less strict and restricted. However, it is not any less beautiful and colourful. Muslim men have a wider range of outfits to put on for their weddings, compared to the females. Grooms can decide to go for the popular senator style native attire, or an Agbada, or any of the options made available to them based on tradition.


In most cases, the muslim brides appear more beautiful than the grooms on the designated wedding days. The listing presented above is not exhaustive, as there are more options available to muslims for use on their weddings. However, these two mentioned above are the most popular of them all.



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