Nigeria Data Plan: Best Deals

The world is a global village, and that’s largely due to the role the internet has played in advancing civilization in all parts of the world.

Most political successes and failures have been influenced by the internet. Online campaigns are now nearly as effective as rallies and party gatherings. That’s how powerful the internet is!

Everything in our world in the 21st century thrives on internet; and if anyone or anything has succeeded in recent times, one of the major determining factors of such success(es) would be a skillful use of the resources available on the internet.

Without internet access, one can be classified as technically handicapped. The internet holds tremendous potential for any unknown and obscure entity or individual to become popular and recognized in record time. This is because the internet offers world-wide reach for anything you want to publicize. Facebook, Yahoo, Google, MySpace and LinkedIn and others all connect one end of the world to another, and Nigerians can easily interact and do business with people in other Parts of the world, via a simple click on the internet.

If Nigeria must live up to expectations to become the real giants of Africa, then one of the areas that we must focus on is the ICT. Improving access to the internet, for accessing the knowledge and skills from other parts of the world, and to also showcase what we have and what we can offer to the entire world.

If there is one reason why there world is called a global village, it is because of the internet. The world literally got smaller since the advent of the internet. One can make virtual tours of other parts of the world from the comfort of his or her bedroom or office, while people also attend universities abroad and take courses online through web streaming and online correspondence, from anywhere, in real time. All this is possible, because of the internet.

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However, nothing good comes easy – as with all other good phenomena in life. It is not free to have access to the internet. One must have a paid data connection; and even in places where Wi-Fi is provided, it was actually paid for by some person or organization.

In Nigeria, free Wi-Fi is not a very common thing, except in certain offices and organizations and a few homes. This means that, majority of Nigerians make use of purchased individual data plans for all their internet needs. In Nigeria, reports have shown that the cost of data is among the highest in the world. This necessitates the need for people to have access to information about the cheapest and most affordable data plans currently been provided by telecommunications companies.

There are many data plans in Nigeria, some are expensive but offer you value for your money, while others are quite affordable with relatively manageable quality. The best data deal for everyone would be one that is cheap/affordable, and which is also of good quality. We have explored all the data plans available to Nigerians, and we have put forward the best data deals for you, both for your pocket and for your internet needs.

Best Data Deals:

#1: Airtel Social Bundle

In an era where most data plans cost around one thousand naira and above for one Gigabyte of data (some more than one gigabyte), telecom giants Airtel have crashed the market with what they call the Airtel Social Bundle.

They have teamed up with web browser company Opera to bring incredibly cheap internet access to Nigerians. The main highlight of this plan is that Airtel gives one gigabyte of data for a meager sum of 300 naira only! Yes, just 300 naira. However, this data does not cover all your data needs, but most. Data access on the Airtel Social Bundle is restricted to WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and the Opera browser. Even with these restrictions, it is still arguably the best data plan on the market today: as, with Whatsapp, you can stay in touch with your loved ones, clients and partners, on Facebook you can do same and more – with strong internet coverage in your area you can actually make free calls using this data plan on Facebook messenger. Thirdly, it also covers Opera browser, which you can well use to access any website of your choice on the internet.

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Think of all the possibilities you could reach for with one gigabyte of Airtel Social Bundle, for only #300 naira. There would not be many better deals in the market!

#2: Midnight Browsing Bundle

MTN offers 500 MB of data to its customers for browsing between the hours of 12 midnight to 4am, for a token fee of 25 naira. This should come in handy for updating softwares and apps on your phone, without putting stress on your regular data plan. However, this plan is only available to Mtn Pulse users only. Those who wish to enjoy this plan would have to ensure that they are MTN Pulsers, or they migrate from whichever tariff plan they are to Mtn Pulse. Conversely, Airtel Nigeria also offers a similar browsing plan. 25 naira for 500 MB, from the hours of 12 midnight to 4am. It is also available to only SmartTrybe prepaid subscribers on the airtel network.

#3: Airtel 100% data bonus

Airtel double data plan offers subscribers double their subscription plan as bonus for subscribing. For example, those who subscribe to a 200 naira data plan (which is for 200 MB) would get 200 MB and an extra 200 MB as bonus. In the same vein, those who subscribe for 5500 browsing plan (which is 750  MB) would get 750 MB plus an extra 750 MB as bonus, making 1.5 GB for only 500 naira. If you do this twice in a month, you’d get 3 GB of data for just one thousand naira!

You won’t find many offers better than this.

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#4: Airtel 1000 naira for 3 GB

You heard right; one thousand naira for 3 GB of data. In an age where most Telecom providers offer only 1.5 GB or at most 2 GB of data for one thousand naira, Airtel is offering 3 GB for the same amount…with no hidden charges. This is one of our best picks for the best data deals in Nigeria.

#5: GLO monthly plans

Glo used to be known as the grandmasters of data. This is because they were offering incredible data deals of 1000 naira for 3.2 GB of data, and other mouthwatering offers. However, currently, it appears that they almost went bankrupt with that offer, and they have now revused what they are offering. Today, GLO mobile offers 2GB of data for one thousand naira, with validity period of one month. 2000 naira will get you 4.5 GB, while 3500 naira will get you 10 GB of data to use for a month.

#6: 9 Mobile’s 1GB for #200 naira

This is another cool one from 9mobile, formerly known as Etisalat Nigeria. They offer their subscribers a cool 1 GB of data for only 200 naira, but this will last only three days. However, after three days or after it is used up, one can subscribe again and again.

This are the top best deals for data users in Nigeria. Feel free to consider your options thoroughly and make a choice that suits you.


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