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NDDC Acting MD Slumps During Questioning and Has Been Taken to Hospital (Video)

The Acting MD of NDDC, Prof. Daniel Pondei slumped during the NDDC probe which is currently ongoing by the House Committee. His probe commenced at about 12.05pm today and he attempted to explain how funds were appropriated under his management. He was asked to submit some documents by the House Committee but did not submit all the documents he was requested. Instead of 41 documents, he submitted just 4. He layed out his defense by explaining that funds were disbursed for scholarship payments and promotion of staff.




However, as the Committee members grilled him further on whether the spendings were within the approved 2019 budget, he started to struggle to justify some of the spendings and in the process of questioning, he suddenly passed out. Members of the House immediately rose to resuscitate him by pouring water and soft drinks in his mouth as well as hitting his face to try to wake him up. He seemed to have been revived but however seemed to slump again. He managed to get up and he was immediately escorted out of the house with some support and has reportedly been taken to hospital.



Pondei failed to defend the 1.3 billion naira he approved to support COVID-19 palliative for his members and also, struggled to provide explanations to the 640 million naira he authorised to one clear point communications Ltd.


Due to the unfortunate incident that happened, the hearing committee decided to take a break for half an hour.

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